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Steigere deine Leistung bei optimalem Tragekomfort in SKINS Essentials Active Compression Socks. Beim Laufen im Gelände wie auf Gehwegen stützen und stabilisieren diese Socken deine Wadenmuskeln und wirken mit Gradienter Kompression Ermüdung entgegen, während die weiche Polsterung unter dem Fuss Stösse absorbiert. So kannst du härter und länger trainieren.


  1. Gezielte Stützung stabilisiert die Wadenmuskeln, um Ermüdung und das Verletzungsrisiko zu verringern
  2. Arch Wrap stützt das Fussgewölbe und verringert die Belastung und Stösse auf die Fusssohle
  3. Die kühlende Garnmischung sorgt für eine angenehme Körpertemperatur
  4. Weiche Polsterung im Fussbett absorbiert Stösse
  5. Reibungsreduziertes Garn im Zehen- und Fersenbereich verringert Hitze, Feuchtigkeit, Scheuern und Blasenbildung.
  6. Antimykotische Kupfertechnologie beugt Fussgeruch vor
  7. Flache Nähte im Zehenbereich eliminieren Reibung

    SKINS Active Compression Socks aus einer High-Tech-Garnmischung sind für Tragekomfort und Haltbarkeit konzipiert.

91% Polyamid, 7% Elasthan, 2 % Kupfer

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Same issue as Callum.socks fall down while running even though same size as previous pair, which were a different design...much better, please go back to previous design.




Unfortunately the sizing meant these were a disappointment for me. I have long skinny legs which means that by the sizing on the website I'm in the smaller size for calf size, but that means I didn't get the length needed to come up my leg far enough. As a result they haven't delivered as I'd hoped.




Unfortunately these are not for me. The material around the fore foot area is too padded and and too thick the result caused problems with my feet. The compression round the calf felt good though.

Sean Crocker



Great product, really good support and comfortable 

Stephen Eldridge



The Active Compression Socks are amazing. I am a runner and a nurse, both activities that benefit greatly from calf compression. I recommend this Skins product for its high quality and great performance. I've already purchased a 2nd pair and will be buying more in the future!

Stephen Eldridge



I've just ordered a 2nd pair. These socks are amazing! I'm a part-time active fitness enthusiast and a full-time nurse in a busy emergency department. I would highly recommend these socks to athletes and nurses alike!

Andrej Starc



This is my fist pair of skins compression socks. I feel very comfortable durring my  runs. Happy with them.

Robert Pauli



okay. Too few characters in the review text, 30 is minimum

Brett Hey



I have worn skins before they are a great Australian brand making a great product. They have always worked for me and I found these compression socks no different. I always find you get what you pay for and Skins products are no exception. Keep up the great work

Diego Badr Maraña



Excellent quality and product, being a bike messenger for hours during the day can get tough, and these socks clearly help me throughout the day.

Geoffrey Bard



The quality, design and appearance of these elasticated socks are excellent. The only slight drawback is that for an old man having to pull them on, it needs some strength. The hint I was given by a nurse is to put my foot first into a cheap plastic bag and draw the sock on over the bag pulling the bag as I go.

Calum McGill



good socks although sometimes fall down whilst running despite being the same size as ones I had bought before
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