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Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Sportsocken sind SKINS Regenerations-Kompressionssocken perfekt auch nach dem Sport, denn sie sorgen für die maximale Erholung nach einem langen Lauf.

Die anatomisch ausgerichtete gradiente Kompression der SKINS Regenerations-Kompressionssocken beschleunigt die Blutzirkulation, beugt dadurch verspätet auftretenden Muskelschmerzen (DOMS) vor und verkürzt die Regenerationsdauer.

Die verbesserte Durchblutung senkt auch das Risiko einer tiefen Venenthrombose (TVT) bei Langstreckenflügen.

Alle Essentials-Produkte zeichnen sich durch die einzigartigen SKINS-Gewebe und eine überlegene Passform aus. Sie verknüpfen gezielte Kompression und Muskelstützung mit unübertroffenem Tragekomfort, Atmungsaktivität sowie Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsregulierung.

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I personal don't review products because most products make big promises and rarely deliver. I personally use this product only to sleep. I put them on 1 hr before getting to bed. Wearing socks allow me to set my mattress temperature to 57 degrees which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. everyone temperature is different.. This allows me to sleep deeper. What's great about these socks is not only do they keep my feet warm but I can literally feel the difference in how well my body recovers the next day. I'm tell all my clients about it. If your thinking about getting these, just buy them. you wont regret it.

Alexander Graham



Absolutely perfect for sore calf muscles after distance.  I have never had better!

Derek Tan



Dissapointed as I was expecting a bit more compression, so they are just a pair of socks that are over priced!




Those socks are very comfortable and easy to put on, but I was expecting a bit more compression.

geoffrey oxley



After a hard session or a decent run it is a good feeling knowing to wear the recovery socks makes a big difference to reducing strain and stiffness on your muscles. I would not be without a pair from now on. looking forward to using them after 7 hours on the ski slopes.




This sock has just the right amount of compression for POTS, not too tight. Doesn't make you overheat. So comfortable you can sleep in them.

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