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Die Skins A400 Compression Calf Tights MX sind für Training und Wettkämpe in allen Sportarten gedacht und laden Deine Leistung auf natürliche Weise auf. Dynamic Gradient Compression beschleunigt Deine Blutzirkulation und bringt somit mehr Sauerstoff in Deine aktiven Muskeln - damit Du dem Ball im Training und im Match noch härter nachjagen kannst.

Mit den 400 Fit und ihrer Dynamic Gradient Compression wirst Du schnell eine Leistungssteigerung und weniger Muskelschmerzen nach dem Sport bemerken.

Der biochemische Stoff Memory MX übt bei allen Schlag-Sportarten konstante, kontrollierte Kompression und ultimative, konzentrierte Unterstützung auf Deine Wadenmuskeln aus.

Trage Deine SKINS A400 Compression Calf Tights MX unter Deinen Strümpfen, um Deine Leistung wie nie zuvor zu steigern.

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Jonathon Kelly



I was impressed with how quickly my skins arrived. Great product, great service and would happily recommend anyone buy Skins in the future.




Is helping a more rapid recovery to Achilles' tendonitis. Used during a 10k and what felt a little tight did the support and recovery job very well.

Gareth Barron



Brilliant service. Excellent delivery time and product are second to none.

George C.



I purchased a pair and was somewhat skeptical. I have had severe cramps in my left calf for over 3 years, resulting from a back injury which required fusion. Even after the surgery I still have problems with my leg and calves. After wearing these I have seen drastic improvements in the pain and cramping. I wear them all day and night, I have tested the theory thinking that it was just coincidence that I was feeling some relief, but both times that I didn't wear them to bed I woke up in pain with the cramps. I have to also say that they are very comfortable and actually feel better wearing them than without. Now, I can't say that everyone will achieve the same results but for me they have cut out a lot of the pain/cramping. I still feel the nerve pain, but I'll take that over the latter...
They are pricey, and I wish I could afford more pairs and a set of the leggings but its not in the budget. But once I can afford, I will be ordering both myself and both daughters a pair, ones in marching band the other just has general calf pain at only 10 years old.
Thanks SKINS. For right now, I have some relief, and I would absolutely talk to anyone who wants a one on one testimonial about this product. I hope the relief continues...




I bought two pairs of this product. I wore one pair twice and by the end of the second wearing the seams on the left sleeve began to unravel. The product was not handled in a rough manner. Given the price I was definitely disappointed in the quality. I repaired the product with needle and thread. I will see how long they last. Can't recommend yet. Will re-review in about a month.




I started wearing these last year during an Ironman event, and pretty much haven't taken them off since. I've noticed the biggest difference during intense running--my calves feel fresher for longer and don't ache afterwards despite 5-6 miles of speedwork. I use them on the bike too when I have some short, hard sprinting planned, also with great success (but beware touching the chain!)

With the white, I've noticed no heat issues whatsoever. My wife has a pair from a different brand, and she overheats wearing them even in moderate temps (70-80F).

The quality of materials is phenomenal and the construction rugged--I wear my single pair 4-5 days/week for 10+ hours at a time without any strings coming loose or anything going ragged.

Great stuff. You won't be sorry if you decide to purchase.

Michael Visser



excellent performance. many sore spots gone. simply vanished overnight. not too hot at all today with temps up to 29 degrees.

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