Les plus résistantes premières couches thermales collants du marché. Les premières couches thermales collants Carbonyte ont été testées dans des conditions extrêmes par les plus grands joueurs de football et de rugby internationaux afin de garantir des performances optimales, même dans les environnements les plus difficiles.

Les premières couches thermales collants SKINS Carbonyte incluent un fil de carbone intégré qui réduit les frottements et assure une liberté de mouvement complète et plus de durabilité. L’intérieur brossé offre une meilleure régulation de la chaleur et de l’humidité. Associez ces collants à nos tops thermaux pour obtenir un ensemble de première couche optimal.

Quelle note donneriez-vous à ce produit ?

Jaime Laurente



not yet received. still waiting. looking forward to this product.

Kamila Mondočková



fitted well, but bad size chosen, M size is smaller as usual

John Mayor



Have had skins size small before,  but these were much to small.  Lost confidence in the brand. 

James Hobson



Very tight Medium, I am a 32" waist and the band at the top digs in. Uncomfortable. 

Garry Masterton



Went with the size guide before purchasing but feel I have the wrong size. Serious chaffing with them. Feels like I'm constantly pulling them up. 




Small size works for me - 170cm, maybe 60kg - bottoms snug, all very cozy, warm and sleek and soft feeling. Exceeded expectations. My first 1/2 tights went 3 years, sleeveless best 2 years (both a200), and am sure these will do at least as well. These are a revelation and worth every cent. Thoroughly satisfied.

Frank Ribbon



Keeps me nice and warm but I think the size chart is a little bit off. I needed the larger size.




Bought these as a baselayer for running. Does a great job, flexible and warm. Also worked great as an underlayer for skiing.

Henrik Holm Gustafsson



Bought medium first but changed to large. Tight fit and not so stretchy in fabric. But when on place its warm and feels soft. Im 170cm and use medium normal. Happy with this underlayer.

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Technologie textile


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