Give your kids a natural advantage with our new and improved SKINS A400 Youth Long Sleeve Top.

Our A400 Youth Long Sleeve top is designed to wrap and support key upper body muscles with panels positioned to follow their natural muscle and tendon structures. In addition, our Dynamic Gradient Compression assists with getting more oxygen to your kid’s active muscles, allowing them to perform better while helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Our new A-Seams have an improved seam strength of up to 30%, so they’re nice and durable. They’re also flatter so they’ll eliminate the chance of chafing. For added comfort we’ve added bonded hems which use an adhesive film in place of stitching. This means they won’t dig in like stitched hems can - making them really comfortable to wear and giving them a more streamlined look.

We’ve also added premium, reflective glass bead technology to our logos to provide 360-degree visibility in low light conditions. And to round it out, SKINS fabric is proven to provide 50+ UPF protection from the sun.

Now you have the perfect top for your kid’s rugby, footy, and running activities!

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