La compression de gradient modifiée SKINS combinée avec les propriétés thermiques exceptionnelles de nos collants thermiques A200 pour hommes rendra vos muscles des jambes plus efficaces quel que soit votre sport.

Grâce à la circulation augmentée la recirculation d’acide lactique est améliorée. Les vêtements SKINS enveloppent et soutiennent les groupes musculaires pour réduire les vibrations musculaires et les risques de blessures.

Les collants thermiques A200 pour hommes offrent un entrejambe profilé pour éviter les frictions entre les genoux. Ils sont dotés d'un panneau spécial à l'entrejambe pour plus de confort et de coutures en zigzag au niveau des chevilles pour une durabilité renforcée et une meilleure extension. Ils disposent même d'une petite poche intérieure pour y ranger vos clés de maison ou casier.

Que vous soyez un sportif invétéré ou un adepte des randonnées en week-end, le froid n'est donc plus une excuse pour ne pas vous entraîner.

Quelle note donneriez-vous à ce produit ?




Keeps me warm and reduces soreness.  Best of both worlds...

Jake Bonanno



This product is terrible quality. I have only used them for running and football training so i have not misused them. It's very poorly made for its price. I have worn mine around 6-7 times and they have started forming a big hole. Very disappointed with the quality as they were very expensive. 

elee boustani



Awesome thermals. When playing basketball in the cold they're great keeping the muscles warm

Alan Tran



It is great but needs more style to match the top in terms of zips

Scott Rawling



I think I should have brought XL not XXL but I was worried about the wast being to uncomfortable because I'll be warring them  XC skiing 

Soonchul Shin



excellent with faster recovery for me after high intensity interval training 

Hamish Urquhart



Currently skiing in Hokkaido, North Japan. Today it is going to be -7C so I shall be wearing my new snow skins again. They are really cosy but I also have my old skins to wear on warmer days like yesterday +1 C as the New Skins really are a bit warm for that weather. The compression and support is good for me and they are super comfortable.
I shall be recommending them to all my friends.




J'ai fait mes premieres sorties. Tres bonnes impressions produit bien fini. Au top!

Guy Blackburn



Really comfortable, never any niggles while running and nice & warm down to just above freezing while running (I don't run outside if theres a risk of ice on the road). Compression sizing is good for me - 32" waist 33" leg & medium is a little difficult to get on but perfect once on. I'd buy these again.

Robert Powell



I run all year round. I also travel to some places that are much colder than the UK. I've used these tights several times since they arrived and they are really good. Not too hot and not too cold. They don't get that wet feeling on the legs like some other thermal tights do. I use a medium fro. The size chart and they feel tight but not constricting. Recommended for running.

Philippe Koenig



Habe mir aufgrund von tollen Eindücken anderer Running Freunde hier in Köln das Model A200 geholt und bin regelrecht BEGEISTERT! Die Tights sitzen wie angegossen und trotz Schnee, Wind oder Regen bleiben die Muskeln bei laufen herrlich warm und geschmeidig. Der After Training Effect ist ebenfalls bemerkenswert: meine Regenerationszeit hat sich deutlich verbessert. Quasi gar kein Muskelkater mehr! Dadurch konnte ich die Pace was die Trainingsfrequenz angeht erhöhen. Also beide Daumen hoch!

Jack Austin



I use these about 4 times a week for Field Hockey on a sand based synthetic pitch and after a year they are still in perfect nick! The pitch is very unforgiving and i am amazed that they are still in good condition. Also they keep your legs warm when just standing about.
I would recommend these for anyone looking to buy these as they will not let you down!
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