La gamme SKINS A200 modernise notre série de vêtements de compression aux vertus prouvées scientifiquement.

Les collants SKINS A200 pour hommes augmentent le flux sanguin, recirculent l'acide lactique plus rapidement et améliorent votre performance quel que soit votre sport.

La gamme SKINS enveloppe et soutient des groupes musculaires spécifiques réduisant les vibrations dans les muscles et les risques de blessures. Que vous soyez un sportif invétéré ou un adepte des randonnées en week-end, vous remarquerez la différence.

Les collants A200 pour hommes comprennent également une poche interne pour clés ainsi que de nouveaux logos SKINS tactiles en relief au niveau de la taille. Et, plus important encore, nous avons adapté l'entrejambe pour accroître le confort ainsi que les coutures pour empêcher des frottements entre les genoux.

Quelle note donneriez-vous à ce produit ?

Stacy Downing



These are very well made and my teen son said they are extremely comfortable 




superb quality product best on market

Dr.Robert Finney



Fantastic quality of material and workmanship. The best compression  and training clothing on the market. I wouldn't wear any other. Love all SKINS products.

Brian Peterson



Does not fit people who lift weights. I power lift and Olympic lift daily and have larger thighs and glutes and these tights do not stay in place. They constantly slide down my backside and I cannot wear them.

Leon Graves



Excellent quality and do exactly what they say they do. 

Frank van Boxtel



I recently bought a pairs of these tights. I'm 181cm, 75kg and around 90cm diameter waistline. I bought a size M. The material feels solid. They're comfortably tight around the calves, knees and lower thighs. I do feel there's a little too much room around the upper thighs and waistline, in my specific case at least. I'm just back from my first 16km run in these in rainy conditions. They felt great, stayed in place and didn't chafe or anything. They're a little pricey but you can't go wrong with these.




I'm 178cm/70 measurement. which size should I choose? M or S? please help. thank you!

Lee Winchester



Great investment, I haven't purchased a new pair of skins in a few years and got these on a whim. Greatest pair of skins I've owned, comfortable, helps me with better and more efficient workouts. HIGHLY recommend for people either buying their first pair or replacing another pair. And plus who doesn't love the blue colour!!

Steve Amiet



I have got many running leggings but these are the first pair of skins .
I have just done the Brighton half marathon and my skins A200 was amazing they sorted my muscles extremely well especially as I have a knee problem infact they was that good I got a PB .
Love them many thanks.

Judy Zhou



This is a christmas present for my friend, he love it and can't wait to use it. The condition is great and the size is prefect. He is 179 tall and 93 kg. I brought him a size L. Hope will help others to select their size :)




While these are great and do help relieve shin splints the sizing is way off! Using the chart I was a medium but luckily I used my intuition and ordered the small. I'm 174 and 73 kg and they are a littlle long. Otherwise they are great.

Marc Pang



I started wearing compression clothing for running and working out. What a difference it makes, less soreness and faster recovery. Skins compressions are probably the most prized in my arsenal in the collection.

Mark Canning



I had heard of compression gear, but always thought it was a bit of a marketing ploy and certainly not something i needed.
I recently went on a cycling holiday to France with a load of mates and found they were all wearing compression gear over night and performaing well the next day, where i was beginning to hurt.
So i thought perhaps they are for me and i could benefit on my recovery times, still feeling hesitant i delved in and bought some A200 long tights.
WOW! I cant believe the difference they make!
Where i could barely walk the day after a tough ride of over 100 miles and 10,000ft of climbing, im now able to walk around completly normally as if hadnt had a ride at all. Amazing.
My only regret....i didnt find them years ago.




Was skeptical of the effects the leggings but after trying I'm never working out/playing sport with out them again. They fit great, keep me warm/cool and make me go harder for longer. I know what I'll be asking for Christmas this year... More Skins!

Gary maddison



Firstly id say my use of the a200 has been varied from rugby to triathlon , however in all circumstances i found the best results using the tights after exercise , possibly because i dont train hard enough for them to work during .

brilliant value hold their quality for for a long time , one bit of kit i wont train/recover without .
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