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Looking for extra calf support for your next marathon or triathlon? Or for extra power during cross training or footy games?

Our SKINS Essentials Unisex Calf Tights MX use Dynamic Gradient Compression to ensure optimal compression levels and increased oxygen delivery to your active calf muscles. They also provide controlled compression over the delicate Achilles tendons to help minimise the risk of injury.

Our ADAPTIVE Technology uses a unique polymer that binds moisture into its structure to help you feel warmer when it’s cold outside. As your body heats up, the polymer releases the moisture to the surface where it evaporates to keep you cool. SKINS fabric is also proven to provide 50+ UPF protection so we’ve got all your bases covered.

The Essentials Calf Tights MX are cut for comfort with left and right leg construction so make sure you get them on the right legs. Here’s a tip – the SKINS logo should be on the outside of your calf and the triangle shape made by the seams should sit over your Achilles tendon.

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The best calf ever!!!!

laurent le guern



Excellent maintien , grand confort J apprécie le fait qu' ils soient G/D

Simon Type



Excellent support during long running srssions

Matthew Wall



Great I was suffering with calf pain after 3+hrs of SUP training  for an endurance race and these have helped no end with no pain while wearing these.

Sandra Dawson



Excellent. Really helped with daughter's shin splints.

Florence Wolfe



Perfect. Restored my faith in the Skins brand! Hem started going straight away though...

Jo Taylor-Jones



Brilliant product. Very comfortable, I was hardly aware of them whilst running...they helped me finish the London Marathon despite a significant calf injury. Highly recommended.

Russell North



Seams are very poor in quality and placement / design. Not as tight as other brands even after using size guide (I was middle to upper end of the size I went for). Have to be cearfull putting them on when getting them over your heal due to the poor seams. The huge label in one of them is also a pain as you have to be very cearful when removing it as it is on a seam. 

Andrew Martin



I have always used A200 in the past and couldn't pass up the chance to try A400 especially when they where in the sale. I have to say fantastic, they are tight but boy do they do the job 10/10 for me

ann kenworthy



Well yesterday I completed my first London Marathon wearing my skins compression calf tights, a distance I hadn't got near in training due to calf pain but I am delighted to say completed the 26.2 miles pain free !!  Can't praise them high enough. 

Marie Jordan




Hubert Quach



Very comfortable and easy to wear, I highly recommand these compression tights. Only concerns relate to the color, they are sometimes easy to spot with white stains.

Gary Smart



excellent product recommend if you suffer from calf strains

Matt Simson



Great, does what they are supposed to

Sharon AVOLA



Excellent skins - even better as they were half price!! 

Jonah Seif



Do not buy. Fell apart in less than 2 weeks. Wore them less than 10 times

Makere Lee



They are a great product. Comfortable and easy to wear.

Matt Liptak



Excellent level of compression and support.  I use these for all my quality sessions and competitions from 10k-ultradistance obstacle course and trail/mountain running.  The only issue I had with them is as follows.  I was running through some thick brush and, when I arrived back to the trailhead, realized that the brush punctured one of the sleeves.  However, it is still usable!  Lastly, other compression sleeve brand's yarn/fabric tends to unravel over time.  These have been brutalized for about two years and show no signs of this issue. A+ product

Maureen Gerbe



Really perfect for running workout

Rudy Alleyn



Très bien pour le maintient de la musculature des bras.

Faith Baker-Way



Fantastic product. Bought them for my Rugby mad teenage son. His calves were constantly hurting from a combination of training and growing. He wears these at every training session now and has had no aches, pains or tightness. May have to get another pair as he's wearing them practically every day!

Maxine Alderman



Great but could be a little longer (I'm tall) 

Hamish Scott



Stitching unraveled, but great product and great customer service. 

Greg Choat



Love these calf sleeves. I recently had a calf injury and after rehab these have been really helpful in getting me back on the court and feeling confidant in my movement again.

Brian Harris



After a calf tear recovery was able to referee again with no problems. I was not expecting a pair so this was a bonus.

Nicky Mitchell



I've had so much calf pain training for my marathon and finally the week before on a taper run I pushed too hard and my calf popped. Disaster but after RICE I was determined to at least get to the start line!! I picked up some Skins calf sleeves at the London Expo hoping they might help. I am amazed, apart from the normal tiredness and aching during a marathon these calf sleeves did the business. I had no pain, no 'pops' and little stiffness in the days after. I usually have a little 'side stair-walking' activity after a marathon or long run but not since I've been wearing these. I don't run without them now!




These are excellent! I use them for running, for recovery, and also for long plane or card rides when I don't want my feet to swell. Every runner should have a pair of these!

Marian Girigan



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