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Cycling's a fierce sport. Whether you're a pro or an amateur, it requires focus, fitness and drive. When you think you can't go much further, you need the strength to push it just a little more. SKINS engineered gradient compression accelerates blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery to your active muscles – helping you conquer the toughest hills.

SKINS cycle pro women's long tights feature the varied density Elastic Interface® Technology Multi-DF chamois, so you'll be comfortable and well-supported on all terrains:

• freedom of movement in the saddle

• protection for sensitive areas of the female anatomy

• optimum breathability to transport moisture

Cycle pro women's long tights help to reduce lactic acid build-up and have strategically placed seams that act as anchor points, giving focused support and stability – so you feel fit and ready to ride again the next morning.

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Comfy, no chaffing, I've found the chamois good thus far on long rides over 100km, they are my favourite winter bottoms by far.




Review by Honest Consumer for Rating: As a woman I expected more don't know why. Thought they'd coedisnr the fact we have HIPS and a smaller waist.. but no.. the material wasn't soft really, but it was very breathable. The waist band I'm a 27 inch waist in the Medium was HUGE and almost no elastic to it. The padding was HARD and too WIDE (I mean we don't have that much space (there) you know (between) seemed like good quality but it missed the mark for FITTING a real person. I sent it back something else will work I'm sure of it. I was just looking for extra padding under my spandex for biking this was too much between the legs and too little hug around the waist. Might be suited for someone else though with a bit of a tummy (not me). I'm 5 4 and 120 pounds / biker. I tried a medium. Hope this helps you.




Why are the womens black/grey
i think the black/yellow is much nicer.
That would be the only thing i have a problem with, you add to the colour options and they are perfect.
Nothing to do with the shorts reliability which is perfect

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