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It’s your ideal workout companion! Our SKINS A400 Women’s Long Sleeve Top lets you perfect your low and high planks in complete comfort by providing support to your core and arms.

Stretch airflow mesh panels under your arms increase breathability and ensure there’s no restriction to your range of movement. In addition a silicone gripper on the hem will keep the A400 Long Sleeve top in place so you don’t need to worry about flashing your belly button to the whole class.

Don’t forget the Dynamic Gradient Compression! It helps increase circulation to get more oxygen to your active muscles. The result? The best sports compression wear yet.

And here’s one for you runners who like to get out and about in the early mornings or after the sun’s gone down. Low light conditions can make it hard for you to be visible to other road users so we’ve added 360-degree reflectivity to make sure you’re seen in all conditions.

Is being too hot or cold an issue? Then let us worry about that. We’ve incorporated ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you feeling warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Combine this top with any A400 Women’s tights for the complete performance package!

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I have a collagen disorder and sensory disorder that requires me to wear compression clothing almost all the time and these SKINS tops have saved my life and given me a second skin that is comfortable and effective. The material is the best on the market, it truly feels like a second skin. The material really does breathe and prevent odor like no other, its also the softest and most natural second skin on the market. If only they offered other colors like some of the other companies. Please make some more color options... burgundy please.

fiona smith



I am using the compression top post  bilateral mastectomy and lymph node removal . To contol swelling and reduce the chance of lymphoedema.  It is comfortable and the swelling is reducing . So far so good.

Anna Höniger



Ich bestelle schon seit Jshren bei Skins. Mit den vorletzten Shirt war ich gar nicht zufrieden! Sehr bald dünne Stellen und später Loch an den Schultern. Habe aber trotzdem vor kurzem ein neues Shirt bestellt. Finde ich lange nicht mehr so gut wie die ersten, die ich getragen habe. Wird wohl meine letzte Bestellung bei Skins gewesen sein. Preis Leistung stimmen nicht mehr. Leider!

Chunyi Zhou



So impressed with this! It is tight but not uncomfy. More importantly, it support my back very well!

Sara Henderson



Excellent - insulates upper body well but feels like a very thin layer on at same time!!

Jen Czerny



Perfect amount of compression, great for keeping warm on chilly outdoor netball courts




Sehr angenehmes Material und eigentlich auch mit guter Passform, aber über den Hüften eindeutig zu eng - wenn man als Frau nicht gerade eine androgyne Figur hat (d.h. gar keine ausgeprägte Hüfte). Das Top schneidet durch das Silikonband am Saumabschluss sehr stark ein, sodass der Po dadurch nicht mehr rund ist, sondern mit einer unschönen Delle deformiert wird. Früher gab es bei Skins einmal die "A"-Form. Die hat mir besser gepasst, obwohl mein Körper am ehesten einer "X"-Form ähnelt. Ich denke, man kann nicht einfach alle Frauenkörper mit einem einzigen Schnitt abbilden. Wer das Top also unbedingt haben will und eine etwas fraulichere Figur hat, sollte es eine Nr. größer bestellen.




Great at keeping you warm over a period of time, use it for OCRs and cant beat the A400 range when the weather gets colder.

rupert gabriel



Both my other half and myself wore our new skins for our first OCR, the battle of Lansdowne in Bath this weekend and were blown away by the comfort and temperature control and feel great afterwards!




This top is perfect for this cold weather, keeps me warm and fits just right (the chart helped with this). Does take a bit to get used to the silicone gripper at the bottom, as I am used to loose bottom tops.




Awesome design and looks great. The compression really works well, after a massive work out I feel like I could do it all again a few hours later. No fatigue feelings occur anymore!
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