Featuring the most advanced compression technology in the world, SKINS compression ranges for women are designed to flourish under the dynamic demands of physical activity. By wrapping your active and recovering muscles in supportive and stabilising compression panels, SKINS garments are engineered to boost oxygenated blood flow to improve performance, fight fatigue and speed up recovery.

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DNAmic Women's Compression 3/4 Tights

Special Price Ab 95,00 Fr.

war 100,00 Fr. Spare 5%

DNAmic Thermal Women's Windproof Long Tights
150,00 Fr.
DNAmic Thermal Women's Starlight Long Tights
140,00 Fr.
Cycle Women's DNAmic Half Tights
160,00 Fr.
Cycle Women's DNAmic Love Cats Bib Half Tights
250,00 Fr.
Activewear Women's Output Tech Fleece Tapered Pant

Special Price 100,00 Fr.

war 120,00 Fr. Spare 17%

Activewear Women's Running System Run Short
50,00 Fr.
DNAmic Women's Compression Short Sleeve Top
85,00 Fr.
DNAmic TEAM Women's Speed Bra
45,00 Fr.
Activewear Women's Pixel Long Sleeve Tee
60,00 Fr.
Activewear Women's Running Metz Puffer Vest
130,00 Fr.
Activewear Women's Code Cap Sleeve Tee
45,00 Fr.
Essentials Women's Thermal Active Compression Socks
50,00 Fr.



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