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Das Verschwenden wertvoller Sekunden im Übergang ist keine Option, zieh‘ deshalb ein SKINS TRI400 Men Sleeveless Top an Stürme auf die nächste Etappe los.

Die Dynamic Gradient Compression beschleunigt Deine Blutzirkulation und bringt somit mehr Sauerstoff in Deine aktiven Muskeln Die erhöhte Blutzirkulation verhindert den Aufbau von Milchsäure - und Du kannst vom Start bis zum Finnish Deine Konkurrenz vernichtend schlagen.

Der Schnitt der SKINS TRI400 Serie basiert auf den 400 Schlüsselpunkten für die Passform und sorgt für die Bequemlichkeit beim Schwimmen, Radfahren und Rennen. Strategisch platzierten TR1400 Stoffeinsätze vermindern den Wasserwiderstand und unterstützen die Leistung im Wasser.

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I never thought about using this for running, but I bought and wore this for the City2Surf 2013, worked perfectly, kept you cool. I now have two of these. Cheers.




I've been wearing this top with a bib and brace knicks for summer cycle training, its a great fit and the fabric in this whole range is so enjoyable to wear. The zip stays in place when its notched down an inch, just an all round good top. Pockets are small but as expected with a tri top




I wore the TRI400 top recently for IM Florida. Out of the box, the fit felt a little tight. I wanted a compression kit, but not one that hindered respiration. I followed the sizing chart on the website and ordered a large for my 41 inch (104cm) chest. After wearing it for 5 minutes, I didn't noticed any discomfort and the fit was comfortable with a heart rate monitor. This jersey breathes perfectly and keeps you cool when it's wet. Race day was in the mid 80s and on the bike I watered it down every 60 min. Core temperature was comfortable all 112 miles. Pocket space is very limited for this top. If you like to carry the kitchen sink with you, then you will need a fuel belt. Since the aid for IM branded races is more than adequate, I carried 2 gels and just hit up the aid stations.

No chaffing at all and the material is extremely supple even along the seams. And post race I had 2 other participants ask me about the kit and the brand. Worth every dime.




I have just competed in the shep half ironman wearing my new skins TRI400 top and bottom. They were fantastic. No rubbing, I did not over heat and it was great in keeping me cool. I was a bit worried about the black in the heat but to my surprise I it was by far the best outfit that I have worn. Adding to that it looks fantastic

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