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Die wissenschaftlich erwiesene Gradient Compression in SKINS A200 Youth Compression Half Tights versorgt Deine Muskeln mit mehr Sauerstoff – damit Du mehr leisten kannst, egal in welchem Sport.

Das einzigartige Unisex-Design umschließt und unterstützt die Hauptmuskelgruppen um Vibrationen zu vermeiden und die natürliche Ausrichtung der Muskeln in der Aktivphase zu erhalten. SKINS helfen auch den Milchsäureaufbau zu reduzieren. Somit hast Du am nächsten Tag weniger Muskelkater und hast mehr Chancen immer wieder für Dein Team ausgewählt zu werden.

Du hast die Farbwahl von schwarz/gelb, weiß oder hautfarben – was immer für Dein Team am besten passt. Genieße die Vorzüge der Erwachsenen-SKINS in einem kompakten Paket.

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Great fit and look fab! Big brownie points for getting these for my 11 year old!




Love these Skins. Bought them for my 6 and 8 yro. They have a perfect fit, look great and stay in place no matter what tricks the boys do. They're a bit costly but worth every penny!




these are great i have had mine for about nine months now and i have put over 100 hours int them and they are holding up pretty well however they are starting to come apart at the bottom where everything is joined, but the stitching has not yet come undone, and i will probably out grow them before they fall apart. I will DEFINITELY get another pair but they will be mens, and hopefully A.400's




I bought my skins a couple of months ago and they are great. They do everything they claim they do. I use the mostly for basketball and Tae Kwon Do and for recovery. They feel comfortable and they are almost like a second layer of skin. However, My parents aren't the kind that like to spend money on sport accessories so I only have one pair and couldn't get A400s. If the price was lower, I would appreciate it a LOT. Otherwise, it's awesome! I would really recommend this to people who are passionate about a sport of any kind.

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