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Die K-PROPRIUM Unisex Calf Tights von SKINS sind perfekt für lange Läufe. Propriozeptive Powerbands verbessern die Stabilität deiner Muskeln, während unser DNAmic gradientes Kompressionsprofil die Sauerstoffzufuhr zu deinen Waden unterstützt, um deine Leistung anzukurbeln und das Verletzungsrisiko bei Langstreckenläufen und Krafttrainingsübungen zu reduzieren.

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It says unisex but i guess it is more men’s size. Around the feet it is super wide for a girl. For the rest it fits perfect starting from the ankle untill my calf. Overall i’m very happy with it. Also the rubber like fabric again is hard to get on but once on they stay in place perfectly and feel very comfortable!




These are great but a mission to get on and off. An instructional video would be really helpful, thanks.

Tony Hancock



Well thank you SKINS, this product arrived a week ago to replace my 4th pair of stirrup calf tights for hockey and has seen 8 hours of use since then. Rock tape is about to lose some profits as this design has many wonderful features. No soreness, no tweaks and the larger stirrup means they maintain their position far better underfoot....definitely going to tell everyone about these.

Ady O



A struggle to get on - there’s probably a knack I haven’t mastered yet ..... but well worth the effort !
After rupturing my Achilles & tearing my calf muscles I needed a sock that supported both - these do the job perfectly




I’ve been using Skins calf sleeves for several years and have tried alternative brands too by means of comparison.
This iteration is by far the best yet and provides great targeted support.
They are worth a 5 star for performance. I have graded them 4 simply because due to inflexible seams, they are a nightmare to get over my foot though once over they slip over my sizeable calf easily. With previous models this has not been an issue.
The bottom line questions are: do I have purchase regret? No. Would I buy them again or recommend to a friend? Yes.

Ete David



Great comfortable skins, definitely does what its made for, totally recommend!
Many thanks

Kevin Jackson



These Calf Compressions are very hard to get on and off, but really do help, far more than the previous versions. So good I bought two pairs, expensive yes, but you get what you pay for. I have running buddies that have bought then too now as well.....

fabien gomez



à mon gout un manque de compression comparé à ceux de la marque compressport un peu déçu

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