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Unlike normal athletic socks, SKINS gradient compression socks are the perfect performance enhancer for any activity where your legs are pushed to the limit.

SKINS Engineered Gradient Compression offers targeted calf muscle support and improves circulation, delivering more oxygen to your active muscles.

The increased blood flow helps reduce the build up of blood lactate to keep you going harder for longer and recover faster.

The engineered gradient compression technology in SKINS Essentials is specifically designed to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to working muscles, allowing you to train harder and perform better.

SKINS targeted muscle support also helps prevent muscle vibration and oscillation during activity, reducing your risk of injury and helping you recover faster with less post-exercise muscle soreness.

All Essentials products use SKINS unique fabrics, flatlock stitching details, and superior construction to deliver maximum benefit and muscle support with unmatched comfort, breath-ability, and temperature and moisture regulation

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I have two pairs of these socks and the only fault I can find with them is the height they come to on my lower legs, I need to turn the tops down about 15mm as my legs are too short, I'm 173cm tall and wearing a size small. and they rub on the back of my knees. Future versions could possible come in sizes to suit more variations for foot length, calf girth and shin length. Other than that they are a good product.




I use these socks for just about every activity I subject myself to. Most recently I replaced my the sock liners that I typically use while mountaineering (to prevent blistering) with Skins compression socks. They have such a great fit that they worked even better than sock liners to prevent friction, and they made my legs feel much more fresh during and after the climb.

Needless to say, these are my go-to socks for anytime I'm looking to get my HR up.

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