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SKINS cycle pro men's compression bib shorts feature engineered gradient compression to accelerate blood flow and enhance oxygen delivery to your active muscles – boosting your power on the flats and stamina in the hills.

The varied density Elastic Interface® Technology Multi-DM chamois gives you:

• freedom of movement in the saddle

• protection for sensitive areas of the male anatomy

• optimum breathability to transport moisture

SKINS also help to prevent lactic acid build-up and have strategically placed seams which act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to your cycling muscles. Which means you can ride all day and be ready to hit the road hard and fast in the morning.

Compression Benefits

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Fabric Technology


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Nathan Shearing



Awesome product, looks brilliant, and works very well, use it on the SIT velodrome Invercargill NZ




Skins product , cycling, running & recovery are just fantastic !!!! I use it for few years now
The cycling bibs are the best I can ride hundreds of kilometres with top comfort !!!
Love it love it , thank you guys ( but you very expensive if not on sale) -:)))

Louie C



Kept putting off purchasing for myself since only ride for spin cycle class but WoW what a difference, so glad I did and perfect fit. May have to grab other types of gear for my other gym activities.

Ieuan Jones



I have recently completed John O'Groats to Lands End bike ride in 9 days and wore skin bib shorts each day. They certainly helped




These are awesome. I'm 169cm and 58kg and they fit snug. Super comfy and look great too




On Saturday I completed the Paris – Roubaix Challenge – 170km race with 60km of cobble stones.

There were 27 cobble stone sections ranging from 300m to 3.7km in length. I wore the SKINS bib shorts because I wanted that particular chamois as it would provide the best comfort possible. The nether region was the only part of me that survived the race the best. The bib shorts saved my a^%e!

On the first cobble stone section after a couple of kilometres, I lost both water bottles as they rattled out of the cages. I did not notice until after the section. My head was vibrating so much that I could not see the cobbles properly and did not hear the bottles go. I also lost the bars out of my back from the vibrations. So it was a rude shock so early in the race. Some of the cobbles are an inch different in height, slippery, dusty and there are gaps between the stones where you can loose a tyre.

After the first section, I had searing pain in the hands, feet and back and came to the realisation that there were 26 sections to go with 160km of racing. My thoughts were: 'Oh f*&k'.

Thankfully, I was riding with a good friend from England and we shared bottles and bars for the rest of the race. I would not have finished without Trevor.

I suffered 3 flat tyres from the cobble stone impact and it took us 8.5 hours to complete the course.

Guido Rimann



I just love it ! Don't want to wear any other cycling material.

Top material das sich ausgezeichnet auf der Haut verträgt. Dank dem hautanliegenden Material habe ich das Gefühl mehr Power zu haben.

John P



Great shorts. When my ride goes to 50 miles and beyond, these are my "go to" bibs. After 50 miles, I often get cramps in my quads. Especially when electrolyte levels drop. The compression in these shorts prolong the time when that occurs. In a perfect world, the ideal bike shorts should be absent from your mind. THAT is what these shorts do. The Chamois is high quality and very comfortable. Seams unnoticable. The quality of construction is flawless and materials very durable. After 2 years and thousands of miles, these shorts still look like new with no scuffs or snags. All threads are still intact. These are mid-priced shorts with high priced quality. Well worth the investment to protect your most prized body parts.




These are my favorite SKINS bibs. I've tried them all and these fit me as if they were tailored for me personally. The Chamois is perfect size, nothing bunches up anywhere. I'm 5'9" 195lbs and these are my go to bibs for road racing, long days in the mountains, centuries, training, you name it. I also wear these under my mnt bike shorts and can outlast most butts in the dirt.

I love the new black with grey stitching, much easier on the eyes than the annoying yellow. For my muscular build nothing fits better than these bibs. Even better than the more expensive A400 SKINS bibs.

I'll probably order my 5th pair of these in the fall.




This is siply the best i ever have tryed!! You cab go on and on for ever!!!!
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