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SKINS A400 Power Shorts have been developed with some of Australia's leading sporting teams to help improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury during training and game time – when performance really matters.

They feature a higher compression rating than our standard SKINS A400 range which helps increase muscle activation, proprioception and energy transfer enabling key muscles to work more efficiently.

Thanks to the unique stretch and recovery of SKINS Power Shorts fabric, muscles are aligned and supported during high load, high intensity activity providing increased stability in the lower back, glutes, groin, quads and hamstrings.

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I picked up the A200 andA400 to compare compression quality and while I love the A400 thick material, the cut of the waistband is problematic. The front of the short rides high and the back rides low...any amount of squatting or seated position results in revealing a bit to much crack. Thus I can really only wear these running and hope that I don't have to bend over to tie my shoe.




Used these after they were recommended by a top class Highland games competitor, they are awesome for gym work if you have any lower body niggling injuries. Will be ordering another pair soon!




I've purchased and tried many different types of compression shorts and these are by far my favorite!! I love all of SKINS products. I'm an avid Olympic Weightlifter, Powerlifter, and CrossFitter. These are comfortable and very effective!




Great shorts. I have owned the original A400 for about 2 years and thought it was time to add another pair to my morning routine. The power shorts are much thicker and have considerable more compression than the originals. Comfortable fit and great quality.




They are good in compression but I like a little thinner and less tight skins so that when I'm running on the footy track after a time trial and my legs are really tired I have less restriction to move.




Pretty impressed with the feel of these.Nice and tight without being restrictive. There isnt any chafing and it doesnt ride up either. Cool artwork too!




Just got my hands on these new compression shorts. Similar to the A400 standard shorts but feels like they have a little more compression. Great to wear during cricket and looking forward to having these bad boys on during rugby in the winter.

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