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'I love these tights!',These are the best tights I have ever worn','Can I please keep them?' These were some of the statements given when the products were returned to us after the final product tests.

The A400 Women's Long Tights meet all the criteria expected from long sports tights. They are mainly plain-coloured with subtle reflective graphics allowing you to combine them with your existing wardrobe. Additionally, they feature compression from the calf to the upper thigh muscles. This means that you can carry out your workout more efficiently and your legs recover more quickly after your training. The A400 Women's Long Tights live up to the name SKINS

ADAPTIVE Technology assists in regulating your body temperature by cooling you down in warm conditions and keeping you warm in the cold. The major seams of the tights consist of so-called A-Seams which provide comfort and durability. The ankle cuffs are not stitched but feature bonded seams which not only optimise compression but also offer supreme comfort. Thanks to the lower rise cut the tights sit comfortably on the hips.

We've also added 360 degree reflectivity so you'll stand out on every level, in any light. by day it's sleek looking graphics made from premium reflective glass bead technology. At night, the graphics come alive to make you visible from up to 160 metres away!

The wide waistband offers a pocket in the back to store your key or your smart phone. Whether for Jogging, Yoga, or Fitness, the A400 Women's Long Tights are ideal and will always make you look great!

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Love these leggings.
They are true compression leggings.
I’m not certain what those who claim these are “see through” are accustomed too, but they are not see through.
My favorite is the A400. My 2nd is the “dynamic”.
I am 5’7” & weigh 145lbs and wear a medium.
I originally ordered a small, but it was just too constricting.
Much better than lululemon and gymshark..




Very happy with purchase. Stylish pattern. FXS easy to wear and fits well all over. Maybe placebo, but I've noticed improved performance & stamina on my runs.

Violeta Andreeva



The best I've ever had! Even though they are one size bigger than mine, after I start training this doesn't bother me at all. The compression is great!




Very comfortable but VERY see-through. You have to wear nude underwear otherwise your underwear will show 100%




I love the high waist(please make more), I wished that I would have know about Skins brand , I spent too much money trying cheaper brands. The compression is perfect, after 2 minutes I forget that I have them on. They might be slightly see through , however it does not bother me. I am 5'7 between 133- 137 lbs, the XS fits me like a glove.

Hayley young



Terrible waist band, constantly rolling down! Horrible




This is my first pair of skins, very impressed and much more comfortable than i imagined, but the waist band could do ewith being wider or higher.

Ellie Pym



Awesome, no other running leggings match these. Best fit, any other running leggings after wearing these feel baggy.




My second purchase of Skins tights, these live up to the high standard I expected. Really good fit, good compression without being too tight or restrictive in any way. My muscles feel well supported whilst running. The design is subtle and stylish. I've not washed them yet, hopefully they'll survive as well as my other pair has.

Sarah Presland



I wear them for dancing at No Lights No Lycra and can keep jumping around for the whole hour even after nine hours on my feet working as a chef. The morning after my legs don't even notice they have had a work out. Buy them, they are awesome.

Angelika Cooper



Geniale Hose. Ich war unsicher, ob die kleinere passen würde und habe deshalb zwei zur Auswahl bestellt. Die kleinere war richtig. Die Angaben in der Größentabelle haben also gestimmt. Rücksendung und Rückerstattung war schnell und ohne Stress. Hier kaufe ich gerne ein.

Lynn Matthews



Fantastic as usual, stitching great now that it is not exposed. The loss of the waist tie is sad...

Ros Condon



They really help support my legs during tennis and give my performance an edge as well as looking good!

Diana Rojas Gomez



Can't fault them, great for everything!

Esther Whitman



Excellent compression wear and extremely comfortable.

Michelle Bollmann



Perfekte Passform. Man fühlt die Unterstützung 

Alison Hill



Love them. Comfortable and flattering.

Sudakshina Chakraverty



Incredible active wear! I bought it with doubts over what they said about the compression technology. I did not expect that it is what it says. There's a clear difference between any other active wear and these tights and makes my workout  and recovery so much better. Thank you!

Emma Tattersall



My favourite compression wear. Love them.

Sheri Fisher



Fit great! Wore them hiking for several hours and still very comfortable. 




Superior quality, unrivaled by any other brand!  Been a loyal, die hard A400 customer for the last 6 years and will not/can not use any other brand for aerobic activities.  Always eagerly looking forward to new products in the A400 line.  Next stop? SKINS K-PROPRIUM !  But cannot find the XS size (women's long tights) on the USA website yet  :-(

S Ferrell



I love my old school Skins /2012-2015\and always expect the same quality especially ordering an A400. These are complete disappointment!!! See through all the way on the back where it is a single layer. Same for shorts of the same line. Will try to return. 

Jaimie Byerly



Great fit and love to workout in them. Don't have to worry about them moving around while weightlifting

Candace Rubenstein



Great fit and can really feel the compression capabilities

Judy Balog



Nice fit everywhere but the waist is low so if you're not extra, extra lean you'll have a bit of a "muffin top".  Also, as others mentioned they are see through in the butt area.  Disappointed!

Nicole Hartness



Amazing for squatting! Right amount of compression! Still comfortable to wear!

Kerri van Santen



Really love them. I wear them when weight training. I feel well supported and able to perform better and  My recovery is fast and DOMS is near non existent now. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because they are sheer and my underwear obviously shows really clear. It isn't the end of the world as I just wear shorts over top but I'd love it if I didn't have to. 

Keeley Clayton



I am converted! I have recently moved over to the A400's and I have to say they are fantastic in every way. They provide support in all the right places, I have worn them both on the treadmill indoor and out on long runs, they do exactly what they say, keep you cool when hot and vice Versa. I have found the waistband really good, it's comfortable, and the tights don't ride down at all despite not having a draw string waist. A first class piece of running kit, I can't recommend these enough to fellow runners - thank you Skins 

Ann McIntosh



Hi guys. It's all love. The colored DNAs offer more support than I expected, but the A400s don't have as good a quality waistband as their former model. Still I wouldn't wear anything else xx

Stephen Lunn



Love the fit of these – they do the job perfectly.

Fiona Gregory



Don't like the fact they are low cut and sit on the hip rather than above like my last pair

Mary Jane Cofino



I have gotten an A400 Women's Long Tights Gold FS and design-wise it looks amazing. However, on the first use, it was not at all comfortable. It didn't fit quite as well as the A200 tights and it just keeps slipping down. It was not worth the 100$+ that I paid for. Only wore it twice and it's now in my closet gathering dust. 

Damian Grant



Great product, but needs to be more durable to chafing fraying around the cruch, but perfect otherwise

Courtney Deans



The best leggings I've owned! Highly recommend! 

Heike Schattenberg



I love the Tights an Shirts under motorcycle clothing

Trisha Fowler



I used the size guide and they aren't super tight but can still see through them to my undies, so I just don't wear them

Deborah Cook



I loved the H shape previously available in the 400 series. The new A400s are too tight around the waistband and the larger size doesn't  compress the legs well

Nathalie Sunier



Fabuleux! Avec des kilos en trop difficile de trouver un collant à ma taille :-( ... Eh oui même les personnes qui ne font pas un 34 aimer fond du sport!, Mais avec skins, non seulement il est à ma taille mais en plus c'est comme une 2eme peau! Super agréable à porter et en plus belle esthétique  Je ne le lâcherais pour rien au monde! Merci Skins

Michelle Joseph



I loved the old style of skins. The low waist band is terrible on the new style for those who have a belly. Much preferred the higher waist. Maybe you could provide both options?

Tiffany Woods



Absolutely loved these, until they started pilling allover! have owned several pairs of skins with no pilling, but these are just absolutely covered. The waistband also does tend to dig in more than other Skins. Very disappointing considering the price tag. 

Carol Hoyle



Have the old style A400 and they are awesome, just starting to go thin over the knees so desperate for more. Sorry but I have to disagree with Rob, being older with a tummy I need them to go to the waist not middle of the bulge :-) any chance of finding some old stock not low on the hip?




Great product! Find the compression firm but comfortable. Just getting back to training after a couple of months off and bought these to support the circulation in my calves. Time will tell if they are effective ..but so far so good! The sizing guide is pretty good ... don't be shocked when they arrive ... they will go on!!!! Find them a bit tight across the stomach but I think that will improve as I get back to my normal ruining routine. I wear them with shorts over (october in NL ) mainly because they would be a little indecent without lol! But they are flattering on my legs as well as comfortable. Would highly recommend!




Love this tights!!! Very comfortable! The compression definetely works- I bought a pair for my 60 years old mummy. She loves it as well.Great investment in your wellness.




These tights are amaze-BALLS. These are my third pair of skins, but my first pair of the new style of A400s. This modified pair fits way better than the older version. I am quite short and my torso is short as well. The old tights had great performance, but they went above my navel. I felt like I was wearing granny. high waisted pants. These actually sit at my hip and they feel even better. Great job in getting the details right SKINS!

Roma Vaccaro



I love these tights. I jog in the mornings and these skins certainly keep to keep my blood circulating especially in those harsh frosty conditions. I love my skins and would highly recommend them to any athlete.




Very comfortable, the compression works, wash well, look good




The compression in these skins works really well, the panneling is great and they are comfortable. One issue though is that the backside panels are a bit see through compared to my A200's.




Unfortunately I am not the normal shape. I have really skinny legs. Because Skins make tights to fit the average woman I have found it impossible to get the strong compression I was hoping for on the legs. Although I was on the line in the size charge between XS and S, I had to buy M in order to get a good fit around the waist. This means, that for me, the legs are probably too loose to adequately compress.

However I'm sure the small amount of compression I get on the legs is of some benefit. If they fitted me correctly they would be wonderful.

Sarah K



This is my first pair of skins which I only bought because my sports physio recommended them to help my calf injury. I was very skeptical they would work. They blow all other brands out of the water. I have bought two more skins within a week and will not exercise without them. They look and feel great and really help me to workout for longer and recovery time is significantly reduced. I have been having regular sports injuries and since I am using my skins I've not pulled or torn one muscle. All sports war should be made like this I honestly think they are the best bit of sports kit I have ever bought.




My second pair of A400 skins. Wore my first pair for a tough mudder , 2 half marathons and numerous training runs and classes. Recovery has always been amazing with minimal aches and pains. Love the new style of these skins. look and feel amazing with the same performance of my old ones. A must have for serious training.

Jess D



Can't recommend these enough. I actually think the compression works plus they look great!!
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