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SKINS A400 Men's Long Tights are constructed using five different technical fabrics and 24 individual panels. These panels follow the natural lines of your muscles and tendons with the seams placed to act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to major muscle groups.

Are you a keen runner? We've added 360 degree reflectivity to make sure you're seen during those early morning or late evening runs. How? By integrating premium reflective glass bead technology to make them come alive in low light.

Perform better and recover faster with SKINS’ innovative technology. Our Dynamic Gradient Compression technology increases circulation to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles. The biomechanically-placed 70D Memory MX fabric around the knee allows for maximum natural movement without restriction while the balanced 4-way stretch properties applies minimal force and optimal support over the delicate Achilles tendon. The 210D Memory MX fabric over your ITB & TFL muscle groups reduces pressure whilst ensuring natural function to reduce the risk of injury.

Our A400 Men's Long Tights also feature A-Seams, which are up to 30% stronger than standard stitching making them even more durable than before.

To top it off we’ve included ADAPTIVE Technology for temperature control and moisture management. When it’s cool, the unique polymer binds moisture in to keep you feeling warm. Then when you heat up it releases stored moisture to the surface where it can evaporate, helping your body cool down.

  1. Controlled pressure over the Achilles tendon, ITB and TFL muscle groups
  2. ADAPTIVE Technology keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot
  3. A-Seams for comfort and durability without chafing
  4. 360 degree reflectivity
  5. Bonded hems for comfort
  6. Easily accessible waistband pocket
  7. Wider waistband and shaped crotch for comfort

Compression Benefits

Functional Design

Fabric Technology


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Rating Snapshot











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The world's best training clothes. I spend a lot of time at the gym and require good clothes. Skins meet the requirements on all points. If you have the opportunity, buy Skins! You will not regret it.




These are the best tights skins have ever made . I have tried the new range which I think are Rubbish

Jean-Stephane Ridira



Best tights ever!
Since I received it, I have been using it and I don’t want to use any others.
The size is perfect (SS for 176cm 65kg)
The quality is very good and as soon as you put it it doesn’t move.
The small pocket at the back is very practical for my mobile and although it can’t be closed nothing falls out.
I use it for my trail runs and so far I am extremely happy. I did a 35km run this weekend and not complains.
This proves again Skins’ ability to make excellent products.




Taille parfaite et très confortable

Michael Untiedt



Gutes Produkt und endlich mal eines in der richtigen Länge. Der Bund könnte etwas höher sein, aber sonst perfekt.




Excellent product! I wear my A400 for running and cardio workouts in the gym and outdoors.




These are made to a very high quality, something lacking in clothing manufacturers nowadays. They feel great to exercise in and more importantly look good (I know it's vain). Importantly I bought two sizes larger than the recommend size for myself, I'm 6'2 and 80Kgs and I fit well into XL, any smaller and I'll struggle to put on and remove these.




Being on my wishlist for a long time, I finally bought the A400 when on sale. Very comfortable fit and I am extremely happy with the ML size since I have long legs. They fit just perfectly and immediately became my favourite long tights for running!




Eine hervorragende Kompressionshose! Auch wenn der Stoff für meinen Geschmack noch ein Tick dicker sein dürfte, so bin ich von der Qualität doch vollends überzeugt. Insbesondere die Passform und die Zwischengrößen wie "MS" etc. finde ich gerade bei solchen Produkten wie Kompressionsbekleidung eine überaus sinnvolle Ergänzung. Einzig und allein die Größenempfehlungen sollten etwas optimiert werden. Denn ich bin 180 cm und wiege ca. 72 kg. laut dem Größenkalkulator sollte ich Größe S wählen, diese war mir am Bund allerdings zu eng. M hingegen an den Beinen etwas zu lang. Mit MS habe ich nun die Größe gefunden, die optimal sitzt. Das ist dafür allerdings besonders hervorzuheben, denn eine so gut sitzende Kompressionshose habe ich bis jetzt noch von keinem anderen Hersteller gekauft!




This is my latest Skins pants that I bought, I try to buy one per year, and as usual I couldn't feel happier with the fit. quality and the looks.
The shiny inprints look super cool. and as all my Skins compression pants, I expect them to last many years.
Did squats with my Skins oblique the other day, the freedom of movement is remarkable and the compression effect feels a bit like a masage on the muscles.




After wearing Skins A400 leggings, you realise that all other brands are selling running tights. Skins are the true compression leggings. Others don’t compare.

Cecil Folkesson



Fantastiskt bra produkt! Mycket bra passform, gör verkligen jobbet! Mycket sköna att ha på sig och har definitivt en komprimerande funktion!




passt perfekt, fühlt sich gut an, gut verarbeitet, alles bestens!

Multi sport David



These are the best compression tights on the market as far as I’m concerned I just bought my second pair And not because the first pair worn out but because there was a 30% off sale The waistband is very comfortable The strength of compression is great for working out especially running days or leg weightlifting days strength of compression is great for working out especially running days or leg weightlifting days And PS they look amazing Who knee my rear
Could look so good? Very high quality, the waist band has stood up to multiple washings and the old tights look as good as New. Will buy again for sure!




My only regret is not having these tights before I tried so many others. Perfect support everywhere, energizing, stabilizing, stamina and strengthening. Size fits perfectly.




I ordered size m=s and they are a bit snug I must say. good support thou so maybe they will work in ok. good product, but I think size runs smaller

Michael DeLeon



Awesome tights! They take a little time getting used to but after I wore them a few times, I didn't even notice they were on. Highly recommend!

Dan Birdwell



Very lightweight and great compression in legs, but extremely tight around 36 waiste for a "large."




I ‘ev been useing A 400 logo tights 3 years they fit well , they do exactly what is gaurented compress your legs keep you feeling dry and supported through out your exercise routine




Great fit, love this product!!!!




I have lots of different tights from almost every major brand out there. 2XU, CW-X, UA, Virus, Nike, Asics but these tights are from another planet. I like the fabric and how it feel like you are almost wearing nothing. Chafing is never an issue and compression is very good. Just buy your right size according to the chart. They also look sexy, definitely gets you compliments. (My logo hasn't peeled off yet after 7 uses. I'm running 10k at least.)

Ildebrando Pongan



Thumbs up!




Love the first, tight and form fitting is great for the gym and cycling.
Highly Recommend

Peter Robertson



Best compression tights is ever worn. Highly recommend them. Use them for crossly style training 4x a week. Faultless.




A bit surprised to have them delivered in a plastic bag. Expected a little bit more than that.




Big fan of skins A400 for years and never had an issue, decided to upgrade to the new A400 oblique long tights. They look good and feel good on, however after two short runs the material and seams between the legs has already started to bobble and fray. I have run in my old A400s for years and this has never happened, this new fabric does not appear to be as durable as the old stuff




Good compression. Not sure worth the extra money though. There are just as good products with much less cost.




perfect fit and feeling




tolle Hose, sitzt - nach der Größentabelle - super, die Tasche im Bund ist super praktisch, hervorragende Kompression, mE. kann man die Hose bis 5 Grad gut tragen!




Best tight ever. These are technical tights unlike the leggings being sold as tech tights.




Excellent as usual from Skins. Could do with the silicone band around the top like the DNAmic range, and maybe a bit short on me (I am 6'2") but I'm not complaining. Still the best option.

David Ayotte



I am 5'10" with a 36 inch waist and the large fits perfectly. The material is super comfortable and I may get another pair now that the price has dropped. :-)

The calve area doesn't have that clamping compression that some others have but I'm fine with that. They are snug enough for me.

I wear them for weight lifting only.. I wash them in the gentle cycle and hang to dry.. the quality is very good and they should last me a long time.

Dirk Hoegaerts



Super tight feeling. Perfect fit using the sizing chart. Love them!




Bon pantalon très bonne tenue ne tient pas très chaud par contre mais j'utilise déjà le short de compression skins A400 et les chaussettes de compression et depuis je n'ai plus aucune courbatures ni douleur aux jambes c'est un très bon produit je recommande




The best tights I have ever had. Love A400 series.




Great product at a great price.
This is my third pair and I cannot not fault them. Highly recommend:-))

Andrew Sharp



Fantastic compression tights which are probably the best on the market. Despite the quality I feel they are grossly overpriced at £100. I got mine on offer for £35 and it’s the only reason I purchased.

Tom Kern



It's good tight compression to feeling running around jogger.




Love my skins. Fit perfectly, do the job and look damn sexy.

Robin Gagné



Tres bon collant, garde là chaleur en dessous de zéro, tiens bien en place, ne bouge pas. Reçu la bonne grandeur, bonne compression, colle bien à la peau. Je recommande.

Robin Gagné



J'ai reçu mon collant ce matin. J'ai enfilé dedans pour faire de la marche nordiques c'est le bonheur total, bon produit, ne bouge pas, bonne temperation, c'est comme avoir rien, très confortable, je l'adore. ..après les fête j'achète le 3/4..c'est le meilleur de tout mes collants. Super sexy. J'attends mes bikini Rio pour mettre en dessous. .je recommande. ..merci skins de votre produit. .

aaron orbeta



Best compression tights in the market. Its just a bit tight around the crotch

Michael Campbell



Perfect fit from sizing chart and a great support 

Daniel Soo



Again, as before.

Vanni Ermacora



Super éqiuipement

Eric Torres



Overall compression feels great. However, they sit uncomfortably around the waist band on me.

Darren Willett



I have been using Skins A400 for a couple of years. They are extremely beneficial during activities. This is a well made quality item that will last a long time. Just follow the care instructions , thanks Skins

Tan Kar Yie Alex



Just bought an A400  long tights to try. But "A400"'s logo peel off after 1 time used even yet to wash. Is it considered normal? 

Damien Keirl



Like anything you get what you pay for, fantastic love them!

Patrick Hoffelmeyer



I love these compression tights!! They fit so well and noticeable increases in performance at the gym when i wear them

Sandro Karbon



Geniale Tights, wie üblich, Top Qualität, Top Sitz.

Tony Cooper



Wow I'll be 55 years old in May, I still play competitive softball, as you get older your legs and knees just don't hold up like they used to, aches and pains and plenty of aspirins after a tournament, really rough to get up on Monday's after a big tournament, I thought what the heck so I ordered a pair of A400 Men's Compression Long Tights, after trying them on and playing two tournaments, which they hold your legs nice and firm and mold to your leg parts I was amazed on what this product was doing for me, I felt to be in my twenties again, running, jumping and stretching single into doubles was no problem again, WOW I highly recommend these compression tights to anyone that is active like I am at my age, thanks for giving my youth back so I can still play, thanks, Tony

Tahir Kaidawala



Amazing, keeps you cool and enjoy wearing it when weight training or cardio

Vikesh Arjan



Great compression tights wish I had purchased them sooner. really enjoy running in these, makes running more comfortable since recovering from ACL reconstruction (knee op) 

Michelle Bollmann



Perfekte Passform. Man fühlt die Unterstützung.

Bernd Kottmann



Super Sitz. Super Qualität. Einfach nur zu empfehlen. 

Philip Fitzalan Howard



Superb in every way.  Being ancient [53] and having slight vein issues with my legs, my new Skins seem to even out all the load bearing during Leg Day at the gym.  Extra delighted to find I can even lift greater weight...

Mark OSullivan



Really supportive for my gym work, yoga and walking. Also good as compression leggings on long flights.  Only issue is positioning the various panels on the right part of my legs. Have to guess as I am fairly short. 

David Thomson



I really like them. They make me feel like Batman. 

jason hatch



Skins got it right on these, they have stepped up their game and are now the premier tight in my opinion. 

David Voila



These are my favorite fabric color design for tights. These seem more suited for light stretching and recovery whereas the K-Proprium tights are the best for performance and recovery. After SKINS updated to a more kinetic design using K-Prioprium, I find myself using the ~15 (non-kprioprium) tights that I have today for recovery and fashionable action-activities. The sizes have certainly changed from the original SKINS to the current designs. I prefer the "box-presented designs" rather than plastic bags because I store them in their original boxes. The seems on many of the RY designs need reworking so I choose these StarLight designs for active recovery. I only wish for white, as well as black colors, certainly footed like the original travel/recovery and absolutely matching tops for all!

Pierrick AIZAC



Au Top ! Produit parfait on en a pour son argent 

Paul Wells



Tried them on and sent them back. Felt too tight to run in.
Uncomfortable on the backs of my knees. Crotch to waist too short. Not a
good fit for me.

Joachim Heer



Nach einer Oberschenkelverletzung suchte ich eine Kompressionshose, um die Muskeln zu stabilisieren und zu regenerieren. Ich habe mich ausführlich informiert und mich dann für die Skins A 400 entschieden. Seit gut drei Wochen trage ich nun diese Hose und frage mich, warum ich nicht schon früher umgestiegen bin. Man braucht keine Umgewöhnungszeit, alles sitzt perfekt, nichts rutscht, anziehen geht auch prima. Auch wegen des sehr hochwertigen, aber dünnen Materials kann man problemlos bei - 5°C laufen. Die Beine sind sofort warm, vermutlich durch die gute Durchblutung. Der Qualitätseindruck ist erstklassig, selbst die Verpackung ist sehr edel. Und nicht vergessen: Niemals eine Unterhose darunter tragen, denn dann kann die Hose rutschen.

Tom Winstead



Great quality, very comfortable,  will buy again

Uwe Linz



super Produkt.sehr gute Kommpression. Tolles Material.sollte jeder in seinem Schrank haben

Steve Hooghiemstra



I haven't used tights before but after a few injuries  I'm trying to  eliminate future issues. The quality and fit are excellent and I'm  sure these are a step on the right direction.

Henrik Geimer



Great fit as always. Nice with soft panels around knees and crotch.

paul hein



As advertised, provides support in the lower back and, for me, the knee area. I find there is more support during my workouts - primarily a crossfit person. I do believe the design is beneficial in post recovery. I particular like the fact that the design affords a little more comfort in the crotch area. The bad - sizes run small so order a larger size. 

Ryan VanVoorhis



Love them. Wear them anytime I squat or OLY lift. Got teased by all the haters for wearing them straight up with nothing over them. Haha

Daniel Schoemaker



Disappointing product. Expected Quality but i bumped my knee and the fabric split.




fit nice and tight just like they are supposed too.

Ty Garrison



400 are great .. missed they held the tightness for a few more washes but love them otherwise. 

David Hu



Great quality compression tights! They are the perfect tights for running and playing footy; however, they aren't that tight around the ankle area. Besides that they are the perfect fit! I wish that there was more colour on the product, so people can see the brand more clearly. 

Joel K Le Bon



I purchased these tights and fell in love with them instantly! They fit like a glove. Molding every part of my lower body! These tights fit like pantyhose, but there not! Making different color would be a plus!

Samuel Dukic



I am a 16 year old afl player who only just started wearing skins. And it has been the Best Buy of my life so far. One day after playing 2 full games of school football without a bench and then trading for 2 hours that night with my club I could hardly walk. I was cramping, my legs were locking up and I was the most sore I had ever been after a day of sport. so that night I wore my newly baught a400 long skins to bed. In the morning I was almost back to normal and couldn't believe how much the skins helped my recovery. Usually the day after one game of football I am limping around and unable to jog. From then on I wear skins after sport all the time and every time I have recovered faster than usual. I will continue to use skins until I stop being physically active and will encourage all of my mates to wear skins to help them as well.

Stephen Eldridge



The new A400 Men's Long Tights are simply amazing. Skins have greatly improved the quality in the current model without increasing the price. Thank you Skins for such a great product!




Die Hosen haben einen perfekten Sitz und habe ngenau die richtige Stoffdicke und Kompression. DIe Verarbeitung ist wie bei den anderen Produkten super.




Le produit tient ses promesses. Très bonne tenue et confort.




Good fit, comfortable and look great. What more do you want?




Habe nie eine bessere Laufhose besessen. Sitzt hervorragend und vor allem bleibt sie, wo sie einmal sitzt. Kein Verrutschen während des Laufens, Schnürung am Bund ist nicht notwendig und vor allem: Sie sind lang genug. Die Längengrößen von Skins sind eine Wohltat - endlich mal eine Firma die auch auf "nicht-standards" eingeht!! Die Beweglichkeit ist unübertroffen. Jederzeit zu empfehlen.




Habe die Hose jetzt mehrfach ausprobiert und fühle mich auch nach 12 km noch wirklich fit. Sehr angenehm zu tragen und das sogar bei Temperaturen von 20 Grad und wärmer. Sitz natürlich sehr eng, lässt aber trotzdem reichlich Freiheit zum bewegen. Der Stoff ist angenehm und der Sitz perfekt. Die Optik ist auch ansprechend. Habe die Hose schon Kumpels empfohlen. Ein echter Gewinn für mein Laufprogramm

Leesa Williams



Being on the email list was extremely convenient when these quality Men's Compression A400 tights came up for a special price of around $50 off regular price. Used the size calculator and purchased immediately as I know they never are reduced in price.

They arrived and my teenager son who is 14 years old uses these for football training in the cool weather. The quality in material is obvious. My son has stated he does not feel sore after wearing these compression tights. All very good and extremely pleased with purchase.

Thoroughly recommend to others.




I brought these tights to go under some new knee bracers. They work perfectly. Great size. Very comfortable and they stop the bracers from moving and trying to slide down the leg.




The new A400s are a great piece of equipment.

I love the new SH S sizing. At 5'6 I had slippage issues with the old XS and XXS sizes. These fit like a glove. This new range finally fits my quads and I have the confidence to wear them for all the variations in my running workouts and races.

The compression is excellent, and I love the freedom around the knees that this model allows.
I'll hold back on the 5 stars as they seem to have loosen a little around the ankle and the compression has been lost. Is this just my pair? Otherwise, perfect!




i got these compressions are very comfortable and gives me a lot of support and recovery! I use these compression for hockey, crossfit, tennis, and hiking! I feel the support when doing a lot of leg work in crossfit, and long hikes to Mt. Whitney or other mountain ranges in California. I can't wear these when doing any of my activites. My legs doing feel tired or as sore as before. The waist runs a little higher but you learn to adapt. Fit feels tight and comfortable. I cant complain at all and want to buy more!




Guter Tragekomfort, sowohl beim Laufen als auch bei der Regeneration (schlafen), Material ist super angenehm und fühlt sich gut an, trotz der sehr engen Form hat man gute Beweglichkeit.

Tim MacWilliam



They have taken a little getting used to but no doubt they help recover and reduce fatigue. I was walking quite normally after a twenty mile race when those in shorts were struggling with sore legs. The day after legs also feel fine and no doubt down to the Skins.

The waistband in the previous A400 was too tight and at first feared there was no improvement but after a while they do wear in. The legs are a little long for me and I didnt get a choice of length on order, but over all very happy. I dont think there is a vast difference between these and the A200 for the large difference on price tag. I have tried many different compression wear and skins are the best I have found




Brilliant set of tights, compression is supreme and the design is much better than the older A400. Highly recommend!




I got these for football training and they do the job. Tight but comfy, and the reflective graphics do their job particularly well in the evenings.




Bereits die dritte long tight von Skins, sehr gute Passform, gut für Laufen bei kühlem Wetter, trotzdem trägt der Stoff nicht zu dick auf. Qualität ist sehr gut. Jederzeit wieder!

Gary Laurens-Tanner



Brilliant. I had the old style A200 and was very happy with them. I took a gamble and bought the A400 which were more expensive but it was definitely worth it. They really mould to your skin and help compression in the right places. i suffer a lot from Calf muscle strain and these skins are helping keep this issue at bay. Would definitely recommend as a must but.




Wow, I know the old ones and didn't expect much difference but the new thin A-Seams make the tights so much more comfortable and they look much better. You can feel the garment working for you and stabilizing every movement.
I'll go for the half tights as well for warmer conditions.
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