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Whatever your sport, SKINS A200 Men’s Compression Half Tights are scientifically proven to help your leg muscles perform better for longer by improving blood flow and oxygen supply. Whether you’re a dedicated sports fiend or an active outdoors-man on the weekend, you’ll be sure to notice the difference.

Improved circulation also means painful blood lactate is re-circulated faster, and by compressing your muscles SKINS reduce muscle vibration, giving you a quicker recovery time and less risk of injury.

As well as SKINS compression technology, the A200 range features strategically placed seams to support and anchor vital muscle groups, and eliminate chafing during your workout. The A200 Men’s Compression Half Tights also feature an internal key pocket and all-new raised tactile SKINS logos on the waistband. And most importantly, we’ve tailored the crotch for greater comfort.

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Great half tights. I've got a pair on right now. I size down for higher compression and support. 5' 6" ~150lbs - XS. If they allowed it I might give a 4.5 star 'cause the yellow stitching (on the yellow/black ones) comes loose occasionally. I think it's just decorative since the tights stay together. I just trim the thread off and no problem.
I'd recommend them. Oh, and occasionally the waistband rolls - but with my Dunlop (I dun lop over) almost any waistband rolls over.

Eric Gounant



Bad quality Deterioration after few uses Really disappointed 

Ray Farncombe



Good product but not as comfortable a fit as the a400. 

Kevin Ashton



Disappointed with the fit of my new A200. Being 6ft 1 I was looking for compression pants that covered my thighs to my knees. A200 half tights just about do that but sit on my hips instead of waist making me feel as though I need to pull them up. 

As for Skins claim  "And most importantly, we’ve tailored the crotch for greater comfort."  No, they are not as comfortable as other pairs (brands) I own

I will attempt to get my money back. The ads and hype are slick but if the product doesn't meet the companies claims  I won't buy a Skins product again.


Jeff Deslich



I'm here on the website to look at the warranty on these shorts:-( In less than 6 wearings the stitching is coming apart in both the left front seam and the front center seam.




Sehr gutes Produkt, angenehmt zu tragen und sieht cool aus. Skins halt. Einziger Wermutstropfen: Nach 2 - 3 mal waschen lösen sich hinten bei der Naht schon die ersten Fäden. Ich hoffe mal das wird nicht schlimmer.




Super Passform, Qualität spitze, schnelle Lieferung!




Very helpful with recovery, comfortable.




Parfait pour faire du running! Bon maintient, coutures discrètes, et beau design. Très agréable à porter.
Cependant, à éviter quand il y a du vent froid. On sent un léger souffle frais là où il ne faudrait pas messieurs.

Très bon produit, je conseille.




After needing to do back to back runs I decided to look in to compression gear and the benefits of it all. After the first few runs wearing these I genuinely have felt like I could go back out and run again. I've been using them now for over a month and can say they do help with recovery time.

If a slightly faster recovery time between runs is something that you'll find useful then get a pair of these, I also have the calf sleeves and find that combo for running works really well. Both are comfortable to wear.




Bought 2 pair of the A200 on sale for my sons who play a lot of soccer and football, and they were thoroughly impressed. Great quality and happy to get a good deal on them (hard to justify normally). Would definitely buy again when on sale.




Ideal shorts for riding a recumbent bike - really comfortable, no unnecessary padding and then don't ride up even when I'm on my high racer. These are the only product I could find available in the UK suitable for the task. Time will tell how long they last...




I bought these Skins A200 Half Tights for running both in the gym and outdoors. I bought the black and the white ones. I have used other compression shorts and while they are OK they quickly loose elasticity and hence muscle support, they also tend to ride down. These are tight and after a few months of use and washing they have still retained their tightness and support. I only hand wash them though, as for all my training gear for running and cycling. So far I have had no muscle ache issues after a run, before I used these I was finding that I was having a few problems, which was why I bought them. They do not disappoint! Fit wise they look great on and are very comfortable to wear. The sizing chart is perfect for me. I am 5'11" and 75kg and ordered the medium.
When putting them on, as with other compression shorts and cycling bibs, I usually pull them on by folding them over inside out first, then gently pulling them over my legs one at a time positioning them just above my knee, then sliding the shorts up into place. This ensures no damage to the shorts and makes them easier to put on. I do not wear anything either under mine or on the top. You shouldn't wear anything underneath in my opinion as this defeats the point of the shorts. The black are absolutely fine, and look stylish on so why cover them up anyway! The white ones do show your package more and are more slightly transparent but I am not self-conscious about wearing lycra and don't care about what other guys think. If you are then put shorts on over the white ones. They do tend to ride down a bit during a run but they are just finding a natural position according to your body type and do not expose anything that they shouldn't! After wearing them during a good run, I put on a pair of the A100s after showering and keep them on for the day under my jeans or joggers. Helps with recovery and reduces muscle ache. Brilliant set of products which I recommend highly. Well worth the money.




Got them on sale and love them. Great for distance running and cycling, plus any other sport. Before i got these i was getting lactic acid cramps everywhere, but since i put these on that no longer happens.




Die A200 ist eine super Tight für den Wettkampf. Der Schnitt ist perfekt und nichts zwickt oder wirft Falten. Sie sitzt schön auf der Hüfte, da kann nichts scheuern. Die Kompression spürt man direkt und die Beine sind auf jeden Fall frischer.
Jetzt hol ich mir noch die Calf Tights...




Fantastiska träningsbyxor! Gör precis vad dom lovar :) & nu vill jag bara ha fler set :/..

Fantastic sweatpants! They do exactly what they promise, and now i want more sets :/.




I bought cheaper brands before and saw these on sale and grabbed a pair, they are so comfortable and don't ride up like others. You may pay a little more but they are a great product.

Jackson Sanders



I bought them for AFL and i could fell the difference, my muscles felt amazing after a game and if i were you i would wear them to bed and wake up a better man
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