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SKINS ACCESSORIES Unisex Performance ¼ Socks are packed with comfortable and protective features to get you over the line. With arch wrap support to minimise underfoot impact damage, shock absorption with soft-fall cushioning, and low-profile toe seams to reduce friction, they’re designed to help you go the distance stride after stride. Made with hard-wearing moisture managing fabrics, our ¼ Performance Socks are your must-have pair for all sporting activities.

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gut verarbeitet und sehr bequem zu tragen

Martin Walton



Bought two pairs of these socks (M). Very pleased with the fit and feel of these items and found them really comfortable and supportive. No hesitation in recommending them.




Comfortable to wear for running but equally suitable for cycling. A piece that I add to every order (-;

Martin Walton



Whilst these are not a cheap price I was able to make use of a special offer and thus bought two pairs of socks. To date I have used one pair a few times and found them to be very good fit (M) and exceptionally comfortable and great support. So have to say that they are a good purchase and very good value.




I received a free pair at the Boston Marathon expo. I like these socks! The thicker socks I have been wearing for some extra cushioning have drawbacks like having an irritating toe seam and not being tight enough to prevent slipping. The toe is comfy in these and they are tight enough to stay put without being too tight. I hope that you can come up with some socks that have some extra padding. I am an older runner with thinned fat pads, and a padded version of this sock would be a dream come true. Oh, cool colors would rock too.




Very expensive

Sarinity Mayes



There should be more socks included

Fabric Technology


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