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Enhance your upper body performance with a SKINS DNAmic CORE Short Sleeve Top. By supporting and stabilising the core, shoulders and biceps and wicking moisture to keep you dry, this compression top will be your go-to for under your team kit on game day. Push your upper body harder for longer without the next-day muscle ache in a SKINS DNAmic CORE Short Sleeve Top.

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Abdulmalik L



Excellent design. The rounded neck is great. Best of all, the thin plastic band around the waste or bottom of the shirt keeps the shirt from riding up. I also like that the sleeves cover most of the bicep - that gives it a different look.

Sonepheth Mounvongkham



Nice compressor. I would buy a size or two bigger. I usually wear XS clothing and. The S is really small on me. Hard to take off by myself. If I would have gotten a M, would be perfect.

samuel benson



nice website




This is the best compression equipment, it feels amazing, super comfortable, amazing design and quality. Well done!! I´m 170cm height, 62KG and 28 inches waist, I use small size when I want super compression (for doing core) and medium size when I want less compression (for shoulders, back and chest workouts). I would recommend you choose a bigger size if in doubt, this is proper compression not like the other brands. Thank you Skins! :0)

Damon ball




Peter Sjogren



Nice compressor! Feels great!
But I would have needed one size larger than my old Skins short sleeve.

Lauren Mclean



Great quality 

Martin Jauner



Zu eng geschnitten, schon das ehemelige A400 Shirt war eng, diese hier in selbe Grösse kaum möglich anzuziehen.




Well fitting and super designed equipment!

Rudy Alleyn



Toujours aussi bien..!

Josef Bima



Very confortable...

Darren Willett



Wow awesome fit, they are just perfect and great quality. Skins equipment is great for running and sports 

David Bayly



Great relief for recovery after workout or a hard days work

Greg Thompson



The compression on these tops is outstanding. I'm looking forward to testing it in warmer weather in the near future but they have been great so far. 

Scott Downie



Love this top its perfect for Submission Wrestling training which is why i bought it just a bit different to the standard black colour 

guillaume ermenault



Excellent maintient :) je l'ai testé pour le semi marathon de Paris aucun frottement excellent produit

Kevin O'Malley



Excellent quality, does exactly what it says. I prefer the long sleeve tops personally that's the only reason for 4 stars

Aaron Beck



Good fit around the chest and arms, confortable around the neck

Panagiotis Psychogyios



Excellent product, very good color




Top compression product! Love the blue color, Use it at summer and never feel so hot.

Tobias Meyer



Very tight , but it looks good. Just order 2 sizes bigger than usual , it's really tight. The only thing is.. I'm not sure if this shirt really supports my training at the gym. Yeah.. I don't know.




Gute Qualität, aber dass das Shirt meine Oberkörperkraft verbessert, habe ich nicht gemerkt. Es fällt auf jeden Fall sehr klein aus! Ich bin relativ schlank und brauche mindestens XL, selbst das ist schon sehr eng!

Kevin Blanc



Confortable, bonne compression. Descend bien sur le cuissard.

Lawrence Matkin



perfect purchase i highly recommend this product to all do not miss out buy now

Thomas Cadd



I love this shirt - it's comfortable, great at whicking away moisture, and gives s good compression feel. 

Frank Rimpel



die Größe der Shirts fällt sehr klein aus, ich musste 3 Größen bestellen und selbst bei Größe XL ist das Ausziehen sehr mühsam

Michal Nunuk



To tight.. Bought on website size recommodation.. I should ho with what i'm used to. 

shaun jackson



I really think the top is a great product. Since wearing it my bruising has gone down while playing for my team and recovery is so much easier. The only issue is that it wasn't as durable and hard wearing as the skins brand offered me. After a few games it has ripped and I now have to consider was it really worth spending so much money on a product that doesn't live up to its supposed name!!

David Grier



Feel really good when doing my cardio workouts.

Guy Petruzzelli



Love this top. Extremely versatile, great for strength, condo and endurance

Ron Cheng



It helped my rotor cuff to recovery after MTB accidents.

Nicolas Gruat



perfect cut! really breathable and fit every movements: pump attack combat & running

David Köndgen



I just love it. So glad, I bought two at once :-) 

Dan Fleming



Have been familiar with the A200, A400 and the thermal version to date. Very pleased the DNAmic product - I use it for both daytime and overnight recovery dependent on what's just been washed. G Great product from the Skins guys as per usual!
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