SKINS have always believed in pure sport, free from drugs and corruption. But we also believe in redemption. Anyone deserves a second chance if they’ve paid their debt to sporting society.

That’s why to launch SKINS’ new Citizens of Sport series, our Chairman Jaimie Fuller interviewed Kristen Worley about taking on the International Olympic Committee for discriminating against trans and intersex athletes. Stream the podcast below and look out for more exclusive Citizens of Sport content coming soon.

A Citizen of Sport doesn’t spectate, they participate. They believe sport is a universal human right. They use their position to inspire this generation and the next, on and off the field. We are all Citizens of Sport.

Rise Up.

The letters LGBTI get thrown around a great deal, mostly without understanding what each of them means. Hopefully after listening to this podcast you’ll have a better understanding of the nuances. I know I certainly did, post this conversation.

My guest today is Kristen Worley. Kristen is singlehandedly redefining gender recognition in world sport. She’s taking on the international Olympic committee, accusing them of discriminating against trans and intersex athletes.

Gender dysphoria is a much bigger issue than we generally believe. Not that long ago when the idea that homosexuality would be mainstream was anathema. I think we’re rapidly approaching a tipping point re gender dysphoria.

The gender dysphoria unit at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital has an excessive 3000 registered kids. That’s 3000 only in the state of Victoria, and 3000 under the age of 17. Kristen is one helluva tough cookie and her journey is both upsetting at times as well as uplifting.