1st November 1990

Who is Ash Dykes?

I'm a 2x World First Record Holding Explorer and Extreme Athlete, Fitness Fanatic, Motivational Speaker, Author and Ambassador. I take on immense challenges to include walking, cycling and surviving in remote corners of the world and recording my journeys to show the world what’s out there, and hopefully inspire people to travel and learn from different cultures.

Inspirational Quote

There are a few, I stick by the saying "We can't always be motivated, but we can be disciplined", which has helped me through many dark times during my expeditions. I also really like "the more you put yourself in uncomfortable scenarios, the more comfortable and adaptable you become". This helps me during the training and preparation prior to my expeditions.

What does Ash love most about SKINS?

I love the comfort, the quality, how good they look and how well they fit. I'd say the thermal base layer is my favourite and I look forward to using this in the Glaciers of the Tibetan Plataea.

Favourite Music

I like all sorts of music, rap when I'm training, travel music when I'm planning/thinking ahead. Spanish, Portuguese and Reggaeton music when I'm feeling the holiday & tropical vibe.

Favourite Food

Chicken, everyday and all day!!

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