Andrew Pap Workout: Exercises To Do Anywhere At Anytime In Detail

Warm Up (10-12 minutes)

- begin with a light jog to get the blood moving around your body.
- include dynamic stretches that are specific to the activity at hand and even spend special attention on any problem areas that you may have.
- muscle activation, recruit and engage the muscles that will be utilised in your session.
- goal is to work till your sweating, lift the heart rate and activate major/stability muscles.

Conditioning Piece (30 minutes)

400m Run <2 minutes
*whatever time remains is your rest before the following set;

The following exercises are 60 second efforts with no rest
Plyometric Lunges
- explosive static exercise, regress to normal lunges if too fatigued or maintain perfect form is too difficult.
- maintain balance
- ensure your front foot lands flat, ankle, knee and hip are aligned when going through both eccentric and concentric phase of the movement.
- go full depth if you have no pain or stability issues in the knee or ankle.

Hand Release Push Ups
- to ensure good range and perfect form I use these push ups.
- ensure you lead with the chest and keep the neck neutral.
- Hips NEVER make contact with the ground, even when using knees and when hands release from ground.
- when hands are released, only your chest, knees (optional) and toes are making contact with ground.
- extend your press all the way to the top of the movement (elbows locked)

Dead Bugs
- fantastic deeper core exercise that translate really well to runners.
- lay on back, bend right knee, keeping 90 degrees between the hip/thigh & calf/thigh.
- keep left leg extended and heel hovering above ground.
- Left hand comes across your torso to place on top of bent right knee.
- create tension between left hand and knee by pushing your hand against your knee and raise your knee against your hand.
- your right hand is at rest behind your head.
- now your hovering leg will bend at the knee and rise to the same position as your right.
- simultaneously bringing your right hand to touch the top of your bent leg.
- repeat 10 times and then swap sides.

Squat Jumps
- Plyometric exercise that's great to improve muscular endurance and leg strength.
- transfer from standing position, to squat position.
- ensure you go to good depth, knees stay behind your toes, weight dispersed on heels
- don't let knees pronate inwards, keep them aligned with toes.
- maintain strong upper body posture, pull shoulder blades rearward and keep chest proud.
- jump for high and land softly.

Body Drops
- fantastic exercise to work most muscle groups and raise heart rate.
- beginning in standing position
- lower yourself as quickly as possibly to your chest.
- press through palms, (NO HIPS), knees and toes back to the stand up position.

- great upper body conditioning
- strengthen tendons, builds lactic tolerance and strength through lower range.
- place hands flat at no more than shoulder with apart.
- one hand is set higher than the other.
- lower yourself below a 90 degree bend in the elbows
- lead with chest/neck is neutral
- knees are allowed
- explode of the ground (only enough to alternate hand position)
- repeat as fast as you can, ensuring you maintain perfect form.

Once completed above set, 2 minute rest & repeat again. Each round is 10 minutes - 6 rounds in 60 minutes etc.

Cool Down
- each stretch between 60-90 seconds
- deep breathes
- stretch all major muscle groups
- hydrate
- analyse your body i.e. how did you feel during the workout and afterwards? anything particularly painful or tight? how were your energy levels? did you feel hydrated? what was your weaknesses and strengths during your workout.
- Answer these questions and use to better yourself for your next session or perhaps focus on better nutrition pre training, in general or even hydration. Maybe you need treatment from physiotherapist, chiropractor or just a good massage.

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