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Radfahren ist ein harter Sport. Profi oder Amateur, man braucht Konzentration, Fitness und Drive dafür. Wenn Du glaubst, dass Du nicht mehr weiter kannst, brauchst Du die Stärke um Dich noch ein bisschen weiter anzutreiben. Die SKINS Dynamic Gradient Compression erhöht die Blutzirkulation und verbessert die Sauerstoffzufuhr in Deine Muskeln. Die erhöhte Blutzirkulation verhindert auch den Aufbau von Milchsäure - und Deine Beine fühlen sich frischer und sind bereit, morgen wieder zu fahren.

Die SKINS Cycle Pro Women Bib Shorts sind aus Elastic Interface Technology Multi-DM Waschleder mit verschiedenen Dichten, damit Du in allen Geländearten bequem und gut unterstützt bist: /p>

Bewegungsfreiheit im Sattel

Schutz der sensiblen Bereichen der weiblichen Anatomie

optimale Atmungsaktivität zum Feuchtigkeitstransport.

Die Cycle Pro Women Bib Shorts verhindern auch den Aufbau von Milchsäure und haben strategisch geführten Nähte, die als „Ankerpunkte“ zur konzentrierten Unterstützung und Stabilität dienen.

Vorteile der Kompression

Funktionelles Design



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Love my bib Skins
Better still they were on sale .
I have only ever worn short skins before and as I cycle about 3 times a week have found them very comfotable they dont pull down at the back like pants ,padding is great and doesn't rub on long rides. I have owned other compression brands before and always return to Skins
Highly recomend and they are true to size as well I only wash on Genlte cycle and hang inside Highly recomend to any one that cycles some distance .




This is my seventh skins bibs over the last 6 years. Have worn out 2 after daily use over three years, still have 2 long leg bibs for the winter and 2 short bibs for the summer and just purchased another as a spare.
A good price at AU$115, as they used to be around AU$250. I usually get around three years out of a set and more if you hang them out of the sun to dry.
As for performance. they are very comfortable. with the best chamois going, which doesn't lose it padding quality over the years.
The women's skins bibs are the only ones I have seen that have a full front, to provide some support and can reduce the need to wear a bra.
Love my skins bibs.

Lynda Chase



I have always loved Skins for running and now I have the cycling shorts. They fit so well and i really feel the difference in my energy. I also need to be comfortable for many hours in the saddle.




Just completed a ride from Sydney to Surfers Paradise via the great dividing Range.
I wore my new skins on the big climb days and I have to say they were fabulous.




I love these shorts - very comfortable. I have three pairs of them now and they last really well. The chamois is perfectly designed to be very comfortable. Bibs are just the right length to fit snugly without bagging or being too tight. You can wear these all day if you like and they feel great the whole time.




I'm new to cycling and had already purchased a pair of full length bib tights from a different well known cycling clothing company when someone recommended Skins. These bib shorts are far superior in terms of comfort and they fit like a glove - I am very tempted to buy a second pair while they're still in stock. Highly recommend!!




Simply the most comfortable thing I have ever worn on my bike. They don't come cheap but they are worth every penny and having to pull something else on for the next day's ride has made me come back to buy a second pair!




I have had my bib for over a year now. Worn at least 3 to 5 times a week. In and out of the washing machine, though all weather this bib just keeps delivering comfort, privacy and oh did I mention comfort. My bib is about ready for the bin now as like many things they have a limit but I have been very impressed in this bib and am going to buy again. Just a shame they dont yet come in the new A400 Active fabric like the men have this year.




I loved these knicks, until they showed serious skin on the rear, after about 20 wears and super careful washing. Most money i have spent on shorts and shortest wear period. Other cheapies, relatively, still going years later.
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