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SKINS 400 Series

SKINS 400 Series – the world's most advanced compression sportswear

Looking for ways to help athletes go even further, do even more and keep going for longer, SKINS set out to further perfect and refine the compression, muscle support and fit of our garments. The result is SKINS 400 Series – the most advanced compression technology on the market, featuring SKINS unique dynamic gradient compression, 400 fit and Memory MX Fabric.

We fine-tuned compression.

SKINS developed a proprietary dynamic compression measuring technique and used this to study athletes while in motion. By catering so finely to the body’s needs while moving, we’ve been able create a compression first: dynamic gradient compression. This is featured in most 400 Series compression garments.

We studied athletes’ body shapes.

We performed a wide-scale study of hundreds of athletes, amateur and professional, of all shapes and sizes. From the 800,000 measurements taken in the 3D study in Australia, we established 400 key fitting points on the human body. 400 Series garments were then cut and shaped accordingly. This revolution in compression sizing covers 3 height categories for men and 2 body shapes for women.

We are also carrying out similar studies in Japan and China, to ensure the best possible fit for everybody worldwide.

We gave 400 Series garments a memory.

Biomechanically placed Memory MX fabrics provide controlled, consistent elasticity and perfectly focused support, complimenting the body’s natural movement and reducing the risk of injury.

The small but important details in 400 Series Products…

SKINS also provide; moisture management wicking to keep you dry, muscle support and 50 + UPF sun protection.

Dynamic Gradient Compression