SKINS is passionate about the true spirit of competition and actively support and sponsor world class athletes who represent our vision, hard work and ethic.

We are proud to call them SKINS athletes and happy to support them with the best compression gear on the market so that they can perform better and recover faster.

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  • Anna Tunnicliffe Anna Tunnicliffe Cross Training/Water Sports
  • Kevin Collington Kevin Collington Triathlon
  • Brad Lombardi Brad Lombardi Ultra Running
  • Wallabies Wallabies Rugby Union
  • Team Timex Multisport Team Team Timex Multisport Team Triathlon
  • Jeremy Kinnick Jeremy Kinnick Cross Training
  • Leanda Cave Leanda Cave Triathlon
  • Vidaraid Adventure Racing Team Vidaraid Adventure Racing Team Adventure Racing
  • Tina Weirather Tina Weirather Alpine Skiing
  • SPY Cycling Team SPY Cycling Team Cycling