SKINS News and Events - US SKINS News and Events - US SKINS Compression Announces Partnership with Australian Pro Triathlete Christian Kemp, Re-signs World Champion Leanda Cave <p>SKINS, the world’s leader in gradient compression sportswear, has announced a partnership with Australian professional triathlete Christian Kemp, as well as re-signed 2012 Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave, each for one year. Kemp and Cave will be sporting the latest technology compression garments from SKINS, designed for maximum activity performance and quick recovery. Kemp will wear a two piece triathlon suit with the SKINS logo on the front throughout the 2014 triathlon season, which began last weekend on a positive note. Kemp placed eighth overall at Ironman Melbourne with a time of 8:14:10. Not to be outdone, Cave, who will sport a SKINS’ triathlon suit with a rear zip in 2014, broke the tape at the La Paz PACTO Pan American Cup with a time of 2:04:15.<img alt="" src="" /> </p> <p>We’re proud to welcome Christian Kemp to the SKINS family, as well as extend our already existing partnership with Leanda,” said Dani Said, Senior Marketing Director, SKINS North America. “These relationships exemplify our commitment in outfitting the world’s elite endurance athletes with the latest advances in compression wear, helping them achieve their ultimate goal on race day.” </p> <p>In 2010, after working as a financial accountant in his native Australia, Kemp traded in W2 forms for a career as a professional triathlete, quickly establishing himself as one of the most recognized athletes in his sport. Kemp kicked off the 2013 season in fine fashion, beating a stellar pro field at the inaugural Auckland (New Zealand) Ironman 70.3 race to be crowned Asia-Pacific Champion. </p> <p>"SKINS is the compression choice for me thanks to the brand’s dedication to research and development, as well as a relentless pursuit of superior quality compression garments”, said Kemp. “Having suffered from a number of injuries throughout my triathlon career, I rely on the most advanced technology in compression and recovery, which is what SKINS gives me each and every day I train to be the best athlete I can be.”</p> <p>Cave is one of the most accomplished triathletes in the world, boasting an impressive resume that includes multiple wins at Escape from Alcatraz (four), Ironman Miami 70.3 (three) and Ironman Florida 70.3 (three). In 2012, Cave became the first woman to capture the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in the same year. "I love SKINS because they combine the benefits of compression into active sports clothing”, said Cave. “Its research has helped benefit me in not only my training efforts, but on race day as well.” </p> <p>Click <a href="">here</a> to find out more about SKINS Compression.</p> Max De Filippis d6ffaf6a-56ae-4345-ad1a-22ed6f96feb0 Wed, 26 Mar 2014 07:46:08 GMT SKINS celebrates the true spirit of competition with Drapac Professional Cycling <p>Inspired by Michael Drapac’s team launch speech given at the Tour Down Under in January, SKINS and Drapac Professional Cycling have come together to champion sustainable and socially responsible cycling in the true spirit of competition. </p> <p>SKINS will be supporting the team by focusing on recovery in training, between stages and after racing with its RY400, A400 and thermal gradient and dynamic gradient compression products.<img alt="" src="" /> </p> <p>Since 2004 Drapac Professional Cycling has been on an epic journey that began with a simple yet unique philosophy – using cycling as the medium to redefine the way not only athletes, but also how our society measures success. From humble beginnings and ambitions Drapac Professional Cycling have steadily been working towards gaining a major foothold in the professional cycling world.</p> <p>In 2014 Drapac Professional Cycling will be taking on the world while continuing to champion principles of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. Not only has Drapac built a champion cycling team, they have built a team of champion citizens.</p> <p>“The principles and values of Drapac Professional Cycling are shared by SKINS in its mantra celebrating the true spirit of fierce competition. The riders that share those principles ought to be lauded and congratulated,” said Jaimie Fuller, Chairman, SKINS.</p> <p>Click <a href="">here</a> to find out more about SKINS Compression.</p> Benjamin Fitzmaurice 6f630a4d-43a4-4cac-aa9a-8a2e31b4ba4b Wed, 12 Mar 2014 15:17:38 GMT SKINS® Compression Announces Exciting Partnerships with SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI Endurance, Rokform Junior Development <p>Encinitas, CA, March 5, 2014 – SKINS, the world’s leader in gradient compression sportswear, has announced it will serve as the official compression and recovery supplier for both SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI Endurance and Rokform Junior Development for 2014. As part of each year-long partnership, SKINS will provide each athlete with apparel and accessories from the brand’s RY400 recovery line, along with products from their A400 or A200 line needed for cross training.<img alt="" src="" /><br /> <br /> “Following our work with the Change Cycling Now campaign, we're excited to further support the cycling community, by providing these two teams with the very best gradient compression wear in the world”, said Danielle Said, Senior Marketing Manager, SKINS North America. “The partnership with SPY was a natural fit, as both companies share the same irreverent nature and passion for fueling the true spirit of competition in sport. It's also incredibly rewarding to provide support to the junior Rokform team, which has again been named the #1 Junior cycling team in the U.S.”<br /> <br /> SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI Endurance has become one of the most prominent teams in the southern California region, having compiled a roster that features several national and state champions. In 2014, the team has emphasized strengthening its women's program and expanding their Elite squad by adding several talented younger riders. These moves, together with several key additions to its Masters 35+ and 45+ teams, will bolster the overall competitiveness of the team and allow them to contend for race wins throughout the season, with a goal of capturing both state and national championships.<br /> <br /> "It's essential for us to outfit our team in the best available equipment,” says Jim Miller, Performance Sales Director, Spy Optics. “SKINS is the undisputed leader in compression and recovery wear and our riders will benefit greatly from using the products, whether on the bike in the heat of battle or at home recovering after a hard workout." <br /> <br /> Rokform is America's largest junior road cycling program, with a roster of 68 members. Rokform offers age and skill-level targeted programs, including everything from safety training for 10-year-olds to European stage race trips for the older juniors. <br /> <br /> SKINS will also serve as the designated compression and recovery supplier of the SPY Belgium Waffle Ride Event as well. This year’s event, slated April 27 in Carlsbad, CA, will feature a SKINS logo proudly displayed on each team’s cycle jersey, along with brand signage incorporated on flags, tents and banners showcased throughout the course.</p>®_Compression_Announces_Exciting_Partnerships_with_SPY_GIANT_RIDE_p_b_MRI_Endurance_Rokform_Junior_Development.aspx Max De Filippis 0e78378a-3fb2-44fb-a396-01d624327c53 Thu, 06 Mar 2014 07:35:53 GMT SKINS athletes claim 10 medals in Sochi <p>After two and half weeks of tears, joy, and passion, SKINS are proud to announce that we had a record 31 sponsored athletes participate at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. Out of these 31 athletes an impressive 10 came home with an Olympic medal.</p> <p>SKINS would like to congratulate our SKINS-sponsored athletes for their hard work, dedication, and most importantly fair play in the true spirit of competition. Most notably we would also like to specially congratulate the following medal winners:</p> <p>Nevin Galmarini, Christoph Bieler, Bernhard Gruber, Lukas Klapfer, Mario Stecher, Thomas Diethart, Michael Hayboeck , Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Thomas Morgenstern, and Gregor Schlierenzauer.<img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>With the Olympics now over our athletes are back competing in the World Cup, supported by our products. To learn more about their secret weapons visit the below links:</p> <p><a href="">For men</a></p> <p><a href="">For women</a> </p> Albert Pulver b7f6f3b5-4272-4fd8-9e08-feebdb85e33f Wed, 26 Feb 2014 15:23:51 GMT SKINS® Compression Clothing Welcomes Elite Cross Training Athlete Jeremy Kinnick as Brand Ambassador <p>Encinitas, Calif. (Nov. 22, 2013) – SKINS Compression, the world leader in gradient compression sportswear, recognizes the value of continuing to grow within the ever-expanding Cross Training market, and as such is thrilled to announce the addition of Jeremy Kinnick, nationally-renowned Cross Training athlete and annual competitor of the exclusively elite Reebok Cross Training Games, as a brand ambassador. Kinnick joins Olympian and Cross Training Games athlete, Anna Tunnicliffe, creating a powerful duo to represent SKINS and communicate its benefits for the highly-competitive Cross Training community.<img alt="" src="" /> <br /> <br /> “Cross Training is the fastest growing sport in America, and is one of the most taxing exercise regimens of today,” said Johnny West, General Manager of SKINS North America. “Given the demand Cross Training puts on the body, SKINS is increasingly working to support this community with industry-leading gradient compression technology proven to maximize muscle use and recovery, two key components of any elite fitness program. Jeremy is the right ambassador to help us further spread awareness of compression benefits, his focus, discipline, stoke, and work ethic compliment those same ethos in the SKINS brand.”<br /> <br /> 34-year-old Kinnick joined the Cross Training movement in 2007 and has since competed in four Reebok Cross Training Games, a competition popularly known around the world to aggressively test only the toughest of athletes. Extreme fitness programs, such as Cross Training, require premium sportswear that will support and push an athlete to peak performance, which is why Kinnick utilizes SKINS active and recovery garments – particularly the A400 Power Shorts and Compression Socks – that promote optimum fitness, injury prevention and ongoing recovery. <br /> <br /> “In Cross Training, the name of the game is recovery, and with SKINS, I know my body will be protected during and properly recovered after, helping to reset before my next training session, whether that be in an hour or the next day,” said Jeremy Kinnick. “I know I can always count on SKINS apparel to help me achieve my goals and continue to break my own records day after day.”<br /> <br /> “SKINS products are specifically designed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow. This results in increased oxygen to working muscles, maximizing performance while simultaneously reducing exercise-induced muscle damage, the key factor in speeding up recovery time. SKINS clothing is unique in the market because its products are body mapped to compress certain muscles with varying degrees of pressure for superior fit and results. <br /> <br /> Kinnick hails from Southern California and is a dedicated father, coach and competitor.<br /> <br /> For more information about SKINS Compression Clothing, visit the brand online at <a href=""></a> or on Facebook at <a href=""></a>. </p>®_Compression_Clothing_Welcomes_Elite_Cross_Training_Athlete_Jeremy_Kinnick_as_Brand_Ambassador.aspx Allison Showalter 776061c7-8cb7-420b-a86a-fc353e383cf2 Mon, 25 Nov 2013 15:37:52 GMT SKINS® Compression Clothing Partners with Up-and-Coming ultra Runner Brad Lombardi <p>Encinitas, Calif. (Nov. 19, 2013) – As ultra-running quickly becomes one of the nation’s fastest-growing endurance sports, <a href="">SKINS Compression</a>, the world’s leader in gradient compression sportswear, is joining forces with the rising ultra-running superstar, Brad Lombardi. Inspired by a friend’s journey with cancer, Lombardi laced up his running shoes in 2009 and has since completed more than fifty marathons and ultra-marathons with the training and race-day support of SKINS’ scientifically-proven gradient compression technology.<img alt="" src="" /><br /> <br /> Once a cross-country track star and avid surfer, Lombardi became an overweight smoker until a close high-school friend’s cancer diagnosis kicked him into high gear. Lombardi’s fitness journey wasn’t easy: he started with smaller distances, which peeled off 35 pounds within four months, making it easier for Lombardi to attempt a marathon. Following a natural progression, Lombardi went from marathons to 50Ks and then to 50-milers and 100Ks. After just two years of consistently running, Lombardi competed in the 2011 Keys 100 and became the champion of his age group, finishing in a just 23 hours. In 2012, Lombardi went on to finish 4th place in the Iron Horse 100 with a swift time of 17:27, and now in 2013, only four years after the start of his running career, Lombardi has proven to the running community that he is the one to watch. <br /> <br /> “SKINS is my first choice when it comes to sportswear for many reasons, but most importantly, it’s the only compression gear that has protected me against chaffing during my long runs and, due to its scientific approach, has provided post-race comfort and recovery I haven’t gotten with any other active apparel,” said Brad Lombardi. “I’ve been a long-standing supporter of the brand and its product, and I’m excited to be a part of the SKINS family and leverage their support to push myself further in 2014.”<br /> <br /> To compete at the elite level as Lombardi does, ultra-runners everywhere must continuously challenge their bodies to push the boundaries of performance. This type of extreme fitness requires the premium gear that SKINS designs, which promotes optimum performance, injury prevention and active recovery. SKINS products are specifically designed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow. This results in increased oxygen to working muscles, maximizing performance while simultaneously reducing exercise-induced muscle damage, the key factor in speeding up recovery time. SKINS clothing is unique in the market because its products are body mapped to compress certain muscles with varying degrees of pressure for superior fit and results. <br /> <br /> “After using other brands, Lombardi made the jump to SKINS due to the added muscle stabilization and performance-driven fit SKINS Compression garments provide,” said Johnny West, General Manager of SKINS North America. “We are thrilled to have Lombardi on board as our brand continues to grow within the running and endurance market. We believe he is the true representation of a runner - an individual who has fought their way to achieve not only elite performance but their best self, while inspiring others to do the same.”<br /> <br /> When Lombardi is not racing, he follows his passions for travel, the ocean, nature and working with others. He can frequently be found volunteering in the running community through charitable runs and mentoring other athletes to achieve their goals.<br /> <br /> Lombardi is currently training for the Brazil 135 in January 2014, followed by a return to Death Valley in July for the coveted Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon.</p>®_Compression_Clothing_Partners_with_Up-and-Coming_ultra_Runner_Brad_Lombardi.aspx Allison Showalter ad4cc94e-3d2c-40d2-bd92-005be2895fd2 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 16:36:41 GMT SKINS WINS 'BEST COMPRESSION BRAND' GOLD AWARD FOR THE SECOND SUCCESSIVE YEAR <p>SKINS are really proud to announce that Sweatshop has named SKINS as the Gold Award Winner in the 'Best Compression Brand' category in the Sweatshop Awards for The Running Industry 2013, for the second successive year.<img alt="" src="" /> </p> <p>Sweatshop exists to help runners of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals and celebrate their achievements. They believe that the one thing all runners should share is access to the best possible equipment.</p> <p>That's why in 2012 they launched the Sweatshop Awards for the Running Industry. They want to acknowledge innovation and performance - and make sure they stock the brands their customers love. 2013 has once again produced some fantastic results and feedback from their customers..</p> <p>With over 7,000 runners voting, these awards are the most relevant and powerful indication of what runners really love and want. This is the largest consumer participation event in the running industry, and we believe this award is the ultimate accolade for our brand. .</p> <p>SKINS are proud to be voted by the runner to have helped them “be the best they can be” and we will continue to work hard to contribute to the sportswear industry. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Karen Potter 438eb9f2-dfe7-4d2d-a3fe-bb3b181de165 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 12:49:23 GMT SKINS® Compression Clothing Debuts Cutting-Edge S400 Base Layer Collection <p>SKINS Compression, the world’s leader in gradient compression sportswear, is joining its industry-recognized gradient compression technology with advanced thermal and garment construction to shape the brand’s latest S400 base layer collection. To help competitors perform well from the slopes to the trail, SKINS’ new line features scientifically-proven compression capabilities, improved seams and panels, and a fresh sleek design with thermal brushed fabric, for maximized muscle support, injury prevention and body-warmth retention. <img alt="" src="" /><br /> <br /> Taking advantage of SKINS’ partnership with the Austrian Ski Federation, the brand used its “All-in-One Suit,” originally crafted specifically for the ski jumping team, as inspiration for the S400 line. The line, which is specifically designed for cold-weather sports, leverages developments made by working with the professional and Olympic-bound team, and combines the brand’s long-standing knowledge of compression technology for seamless muscle movement, recovery and overall performance. <br /> <br /> “We are thrilled to take our long-standing partnership with the Austrian Ski Federation one step further to offer athletes the chance to experience the next generation of winter compression wear with the Olympic-level, performance-enhancing benefits of our S400 line,” said Johnny West, General Manager of SKINS North America. “When we originally designed the all-in-one suit we were unaware how powerful of a tool it would become for the team. We’re now using it as a building block to create an entire line that addresses the most vital winter performance concerns – optimum performance, warmth and injury prevention – to allow the fitness-minded consumer to better enjoy the slopes.”<br /> <br /> With a relentless commitment to engineering top-of-the-line, cutting-edge compression that works, SKINS sets the benchmark in dynamic gradient compression. The brand’s winning formula is founded in on-going testing, science and consultation with professional athletes to design a product for peak performance. The technology-driven compression garments are specifically developed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow, resulting in increased oxygen to working muscles and maximized performance. SKINS compression wear is popularly known to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, a key factor in promoting active recovery. Whatever the sport, SKINS allows athletes to train harder, compete longer and recover faster.<br /> <br /> The S400 line is available for purchase <a href=""> </a>and at select retailers worldwide. .</p>®_Compression_Clothing_Debuts_Cutting-Edge_S400_Base_Layer_Collection.aspx Carrie Riggin d1e09b66-010f-409b-94f1-2344512d3270 Mon, 11 Nov 2013 13:38:12 GMT 25 years is long enough - Sign our petition for drug free sport <p><a href=""><img src="" alt="pure sport petition" style="width: 700px; height: 455px;" /></a>&nbsp;</p> <p>Not too long ago, we promised that SKINS was on the verge of announcing something special. Now we can proudly reveal that we're embarking on a fantastic global project we’re certain will resonate with millions of people across the world. In true SKINS style, we’re taking a seriously edgy approach to sport’s most provocative issue. <br /> <br /> Let us introduce to you our new Pure Sport platform, and #ChooseTheRightTrack campaign.<br /> <br /> Pure Sport is an ongoing movement to support our public campaigning around SKINS values of improving the world of sport, celebrating what we love about it and taking an active involvement in trying to change the things we hate.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> #ChooseTheRightTrack is a brand new anti-doping initiative we have launched with the help of one of the most infamous sports stars who ever took performance enhancing drugs, Ben Johnson.<br /> <br /> To read more about our mission and objectives, head to <br /> <br /> If you agree with the principles we’re promoting - and we’re certain that millions of sports fans do - please sign the petition. We want you to be involved and be part of a movement which advocates a change in approach that means fans across the world can regain the trust in their favourite sports, favourite teams and their athletic heroes.<br /> <br /> The #ChooseTheRightTrack tour kicked off in London this week, and will culminate in Seoul on the 24th of September; the 25th anniversary of Ben’s 100 meter gold winning race and subsequent disqualification.&nbsp; You can follow the tour’s progress on the Pure Sport website, and through our Twitter and Instagram accounts @SKINSPureSport<br /> <br /> We look forward to your support.<br /> <br /> Cheers,<br /> The SKINS team</p> Erin Chapman 837f679e-8ed3-4c58-bbe4-33a9752c1d49 Fri, 06 Sep 2013 12:22:49 GMT SKINS Announces Partnership with Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave <p>SKINS is proud to announce its official partnership with professional triathlete, Leanda Cave. As the first female athlete to win both Ironman and Half-Ironman world titles in the same year (2012), SKINS is thrilled to provide Cave with the latest technology-driven compression garments as she embarks on her journey to defend both of her 2012 titles in Las Vegas, NV. and Kona, HI. </p> <p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 400px; height: 534px; margin-right: 300px;" /></p> <p>“I have used SKINS’ product for as long as I can remember. At the level I compete, I need to be able to rely on gear that helps me perform at my very best. SKINS does just that and also offers an added bonus of enhancing my recovery through its gradient compression technology,” said Leanda Cave, 2012 Ironman and Half-Ironman World Champion. “The make-up of SKINS products is of such high quality that they have become an essential part of my training and recovery. They allow my body to compete at equally optimum levels for all three sports: swimming, cycling and running.”</p> <p>SKINS Chairman Jaimie Fuller commented that, “We truly believe this partnership with an elite athlete, such as Leanda, showcases everything that SKINS stands for: helping athletes perform at their very best. Leanda respects the true spirit of competition and her determined views against doping go hand-in-hand with the SKINS brand philosophy. Leanda is well-known for having one of the best swim/bike one-two punches, and her improving run makes her a serious competitor at any distance. This continued career success coupled with her strength, determination and passion for her sport makes her the ideal ambassador for our brand.”</p> <p>The British-born athlete, who began her triathlon career in 1994, landed a silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, a silver medal at the European Championships and a “World Champion” title in Mexico, all in the same year. In 2006, Cave made the leap from her typical 32-mile Olympic triathlon distance to the 70.3-mile half Ironman distance and 140.6-mile full Ironman distance. Since, Cave has taken home accolades, including International Triathlon Union (ITU) short course World Champion, ITU long course World Champion and third place in the 2011 Ironman World Championships. Cave’s next feat is her season-debut at the Escape from Alcatraz on March 3. </p> <p>SKINS compression wear is designed to help athletes reach their peak performance with products developed for specific sports and levels of activity. Whatever the sport, SKINS allows athletes to train harder, compete longer and recover faster.</p> <p>For more information on Leanda Cave, check out: <a href=""></a> </p> <p></p> Johnny West 028f3756-f156-44b5-80fe-f1eb0fed71de Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:00:00 GMT SKINS Named Official Recovery Sponsor of Four Top-Ranked NHL Teams <p>SKINS, the leading gradient compression sportswear company, is proud to announce it has been selected as the “Official Recovery Compression” brand of the National Hockey League’s leading West Conference teams: San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues and the Dallas Stars.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>The full roster of each team was custom-fit with SKINS RY400 recovery compression equipment designed specifically to accelerate muscle repair and reduce fatigue. Emerging from a four-month lockout without regular practice and intense training, speed of recovery between games and injury prevention can make the difference given the strenuous back-to-back NHL post-lockout 48-game schedule. The Sharks (#2), Blues (#4), Ducks (#5), and Stars (#10) have rebounded successfully from the lockout, clinching top ten spots in the Western Conference rankings thus far. </p> <p>“With the accelerated schedule and increased travel of this lock out season, we have less time to recover between games,” said Mike Hannegan, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Anaheim Ducks. “SKINS helps us recover and be ready for the next game in shorter time.”</p> <p>Designed to help reduce exercise induced muscle damage, the SKINS RY400 product range will help the athletes quickly bounce back to their maximum, regular-season level of performance. SKINS compression clothing works by increasing circulation, accelerating the delivery of oxygen to muscles and improving the lactate shuttle. Unlike its A400 range designed for active use, SKINS RY400 product line is designed specifically to apply the compression needs of muscles in the passive, rebuilding state. The gradient compression in SKINS performance apparel will be key to maintaining the players’ stamina, active recovery time and overall top-level performance throughout this year’s highly-aggressive training program and travel schedule by helping them recover faster while preventing injury.</p> <p>“The SKINS recovery products are essential for our players’ recovery and performance,” explained Brad Jellis, Strength &amp; Conditioning Coach for the Dallas Stars. “With our demanding game and travel schedule, SKINS allow players to recover quicker and be at their best for the next competition.”</p> <p>SKINS compression wear is designed to help athletes reach their peak performance with products developed for specific sports and levels of activity. Whatever the sport, SKINS allows athletes to train harder, compete longer and recover faster.</p> Johnny West a6ffaf5e-ae61-4109-9401-41108f16924e Wed, 13 Feb 2013 09:48:34 GMT SKINS signs up world cup alpine ski racer Tina Weirather <p>SKINS is the official compression partner of world cup alpine ski racer Tina Weirather. The agreement sees SKINS to supply her with performance enhancing compression garments until and including the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>Image: Getty Images</p> <p>The talented 24-year-old athlete from Liechtenstein has competed on the World Cup circuit since 2005. With four cruciate ligament ruptures she had bad luck in her career. But Weirather is a real fighter. Thanks to her hard work she has achieved a successful comeback during last season. With five World Cup podiums in 2012, Weirather had her best season to date, and finished second in the downhill and ninth in the overall season standings. SKINS, the pioneering Australian compression sportswear brand, acknowledges such big efforts and is very proud to support Weirather with the latest technology-driven compression garments.</p> <p>SKINS products have been designed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow, which means that the teams will be getting increased oxygen to their working muscles - resulting in an enhanced performance whilst in training and speed up recovery after training and competition. SKINS clothing is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is unique in the market because its products are body mapped to compress certain muscles with varying degrees of pressure. </p> Mirjam Fluehler d0ecf4d8-3508-4672-be79-faa9de149be8 Fri, 01 Feb 2013 10:35:00 GMT SKINS supports women’s cycling with Wiggle Honda <p>In 2013, SKINS will support women’s cycling by supplying Wiggle Honda with its gradient compression clothing for training and recovery.</p> <p><img src="" alt="SKINS Wiggle Honda" /></p> <p></p> <p>Jaimie Fuller, SKINS Chairman said: “We believe that women’s cycling is completely under valued by the cycling governing body, the UCI. Women’s cycling deserves attention and Wiggle Honda as a brand partner with SKINS will champion the true spirit of competition. This is the stuff that gets our blood racing. Whilst the sport of cycling suffers from some very real challenges, women’s cycling and in particular, Wiggle Honda, are looking to make positive changes in how the sport is conducted. The team is doing this by publicly supporting and promoting the principles of Bike Pure and establishing a sustainable environment for the riders whereby they can achieve real and clean results. SKINS wants to supports these efforts and do what it can to bring about positive change.</p> <p>We recognise that the outcome of cycling’s forthcoming independent review process will determine our future involvement in the sport but this 12-month agreement with Wiggle Honda, confirms our ongoing commitment to those who share our values.” </p> <p>Wiggle Honda is delighted with the new agreement with SKINS and Team Manager Rochelle Gilmore said: “Women’s cycling is a grueling sport. The conditions of training and racing take a toll on the body. It is vital for success for the riders to focus on recovery. In a sport where accumulated marginal gains bring success, we rely upon SKINS compression clothing to significantly aid faster muscle recovery which is a vital factor during competition, long tours and training camps.</p>’s_cycling_with_Wiggle_Honda-1757718189.aspx Mirjam Fluehler 1b94e80d-f250-4e8a-a237-81abe456ce2a Mon, 28 Jan 2013 07:35:00 GMT Lotto Belisol cycling to use SKINS compression equipment <p>As an existing official partner of the Belgian professional cycling team Lotto Belisol, compression sportswear brand SKINS will be continuing its support of the team’s pro cyclists in 2013. </p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p>The arrangement means the Lotto Belisol men’s team, the women’s professional team and the U23 team will be able to train in the latest technology-driven compression garments.</p> <p>SKINS products have been designed to compress muscle groups to trigger acceleration in blood flow, which means that the teams will be getting increased oxygen to their working muscles - resulting in an enhanced performance whilst in training and speed up recovery after training and competition. SKINS clothing is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is unique in the market because its products are body mapped to compress certain muscles with varying degrees of pressure. </p> <p>Lotto Belisol is delighted with the new agreement with SKINS and General Manager Bill Olivier said: “This sponsorship will provide our riders at all levels with cutting edge compression sportswear, helping improve performance and recovery. Importantly, the SKINS research shows that their compression wear significantly aids muscle recovery which is a vital factor during competition, during road tours and during long training campaigns.”</p> <p>Christian Gut, Global Marketing &amp; Category Director at SKINS said: “We are sure the partnership will be mutually beneficial as we both strive for excellence. We are really excited about the opportunity of working together. SKINS is one of the best kept secrets in sports – the garments incorporate innovative technology and we are looking forward to helping the Lotto Belisol teams to further improve their already impressive results with the use of SKINS.” </p> <p>Jaimie Fuller, SKINS Chairman said: “SKINS sponsorship of Lotto Belisol reinforces our desire to stay in Cycling. We understand that cycling is undergoing some very real challenges in light of the doping revelations, the Lance Armstrong affair and the alleged involvement of the UCI but SKINS believes in the true spirit of competition and integrity in sport and as such we are doing whatever we can to help effect positive change in cycling. The outcome of cycling’s forthcoming independent review process will determine our future involvement but this 12-month agreement with Lotto Belisol, confirms our ongoing commitment to those who share our values. It truly reflects our belief that the sport itself has a great future, as long as we can provide a foundation for positive change.”</p> Mirjam Fluehler 4135225e-3ebe-4c29-b3fe-fb3b3bd7a57a Wed, 23 Jan 2013 14:25:32 GMT Ski Austria athletes fly high with exclusive SKINS compression all-in-one suits <p>SKINS, the pioneering Australian compression sportswear brand, continues its official partnership with the Austrian Ski Federation this winter season. The agreement sees SKINS continuing to supply performance enhancing compression garments to the Ski-Jumping team and the Nordic Combined teams up until and including the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.</p> <p>The Austrian national Ski-Jumping team have been using a specially designed, made to measure SKINS all-in-one compression suit under their ski-jumping suits since 2009. Alexander Pointner, head Ski Austria ski-jumping coach, comments that these suits “have one of those little advantages that decide medals at the Olympic Games”. Pointner says, “We always strive to improve ourselves in every detail. With SKINS, we have found a partner with a technology that we can positively apply in a number of areas”.</p> <p><img alt="" style="width: 700px; height: 467px;" src="" /></p> <p>The Ski-Jumping Team in their SKINS suits</p> <p><img alt="" style="width: 700px; height: 664px;" src="" /></p> <p>The Nordic Combined Team in their SKINS suits</p> <p>The SKINS Research &amp; Development team works closely with the athletes to trial new technologies and as a result, the all-in-one-suits are constantly evolving. For the 2012/13 Winter season, unique fabric panels have been introduced in key areas to reduce friction between the SKINS garment and the outer layer jumpsuits. Athletes are also currently wear-testing the next generation of suits for the 2014 Olympics. &nbsp;</p> <p>Since the partnership with SKINS began, at the beginning of the 2009/10 winter season, the Austrian Ski-Jumping team have competed with consistent success. The team won gold in the large hill team event at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Last season, the quartet of Thomas Morgenstern, Andreas Kofler, Gregor Schlierenzauer and Martin Koch flew into Gold medal position at the 2012 Ski Flying World Championships.&nbsp; The Austrians also dominated the events at the 60th Four Hills Tournament – Schlierenzauer was the overall winner, with Kofler taking 2nd place and Morgenstern 3rd overall.</p> <p>“Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined disciplines are highly technical, requiring heightened proprioception and explosive muscle performance,” says Christian Gut, Global Marketing &amp; Category Director at SKINS. “Training for the events is equally demanding and recovery features heavily in their programme. The athletes are convinced of the benefits that the SKINS suits and garments provide during training, competition and recovery”.</p> <p>Ski Austria’s Research &amp; Development Director, Toni Giger said of the partnership, “For Ski Austria, it’s extremely important that the equipment our athletes use meets the highest possible standards of quality and innovation. SKINS is a flagship partner in this respect and is therefore instrumental in the successes of the Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined teams”.</p> Kezia Everson 30011322-507f-4867-8979-053726cd2311 Tue, 18 Dec 2012 11:11:22 GMT