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SKINS Exits Melbourne Storm sponsorship

4/22/2010 4:15:00 PM

SKINS, the world leaders in high performance dynamic gradient compression wear announced today it is withdrawing from its sponsorship of the Melbourne Storm.

"SKINS is appalled by the actions of the Melbourne Storm. Our core values are around fuelling the true spirit of fierce competition.

We understand that sometimes there is a need to give second chances but this level of systemic deceit is inexcusable and therefore we will not be continuing with our partnership. SKINS salute those who leave their sport better than when they started and respect those who handle themselves both on and off the field with honesty, integrity and class. We no longer see these values reflected by the Melbourne Storm" said Jaimie Fuller, CEO, SKINS International.

SKINS sponsors over 150 athletes and sporting teams in Australia and overseas and see sponsorship as a key component to their marketing strategy. Earlier this month SKINS launched an advertising campaign featuring a number of elite athletes, titled "Cheat Legal", which plays to the fact that SKINS give you an unfair advantage and challenges cheats to keep up the good work because athletes wearing SKINS need the competition.

See our new TV Ad here:


"We like to push the boundaries with our marketing and the Cheat Legal campaign certainly does this. We also like to, and will, continue to support athletes and sporting teams who share SKINS' values. We believe that when it comes to sport there is a line; a line that you fight tooth and nail to defend, a line that you fight even harder to attack. It's clear that with the Storm's actions they have a different set of values." said Fuller.

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