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  • SKINS for Cycling - Men - INT

    Gradient Compression

    SKINS cycling compression clothing increases circulation, transporting oxygen to your muscles faster and improving the lactate shuttle - for better performance and less pain. C400 bike garments feature Dynamic Gradient Compression, taking into account compression requirements of active muscles.

    400 Fit

    C400 garments are cut based on 400 points, following a 3D body scan of the sporting population. The result? More comfort and more precise  compression, with 3 leg lengths for men.

    Muscle Support

    Our cycling compression garments wrap and support key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction. This increases strength, control and balance and lowers chance of injury and soft tissue damage.

    C400 Chamois

    The Multi-D Anatomic Carbonium chamois has an anatomically curved shape and high-density foam inserts for maximum comfort. The Elastic Interface® Technology Carbonium three-threaded fabric expands and contracts with your body’s movement, eliminating friction and allowing maximum breathability.

    Cycle Pro Chamois

    The Multi-DM men's chamois uses multiple foam densities for comfort and protection. It allows freedom of movement in the saddle and provides optimum breathability to transport moisture.


    DiAPLEX in SKINS C400 wind vests adapts to body temperature using Micro-Brownian motion. The hotter you get on your bike, the wider pores open to help you cool down. When your cool, the fabric pores close, trapping air against your body helping you warm up.

    50+ UV Protection

    SKINS fabric is independently tested and proven to provide 50+ UV protection in all non-mesh areas.
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